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23 January 2016


  • L and I made our way to the theater to watch The Revenant and were left with our jaws on the floor. Leonardo DiCaprio hit it out of the park, it was that good! It was honestly such a sad movie but this article helps to explain how it really is a love letter to nature. I really would love to see Leo win his very long-awaited Oscar this year! That man deserves it, especially after this film!
  • I had this done the other day. After being banned in Massachusetts for quite some time, it is now permitted again and my beauty guru friend convinced me to give it a go! Honestly, anything spa related I will probably love! It was very relaxing and stung only a tiny bit. I'm not sure if this is something I will frequently do, however it was fun to try!
  • We have a family ski trip coming up within the next couple weeks and I AM SO EXCITED. Waking up on the mountain to fresh snow and a ski left doesn't get any better. I'm going to try to make another video like I did for our trip to Myrtle Beach last August. In other news, that means lots of packing and planning... my very, very favorite! I'm been referencing to a handful of posts (1 / 2 / 3 / 4) and am thinking about making my own packing list to add to the printables page or my Etsy shop! Read about last years trip here!
  • Portland, Maine friends... Portland, Maine. L and I really want to hop on the train and take it up to Portland for a Breaking Benjamin concert on February 1st! They were one of the first bands we ever saw in concert together and it's been over six years since! Would love to take a hike down memory lane and see them again while being serenaded by Benjamin Burnley's beautiful voice! ALSO, out fur-child Macy Cat is still on Mainecation and we want to bring her back to her little city abode. We miss her terribly!
  • Why is it that my favorite store creates the most rocking pajamas of all time! Honestly, these should be in my closet right now. Wouldn't they be perfect to wear as long underwear under your ski gear!!?

Have a wonderful and warm winter weekend! Hoping for a lot of snow to come our way!! (:

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