LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Valentine's Day Gifts for HIM!

Valentine's Day Gifts for HIM!

08 February 2016

If being crafty is not your forte, yet you still would like to get your hunny something special that won't (or maybe will) break the bank, here are some quick picks that you might want to get him! make things even sweeter, most of these ship Amazon Prime (except the charger and packing cubes), so you'll have them just in time!

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I think this Hershel Supply Co. tote will be L's next bag. His current tote is one that he has had since high school and it has held up very well! 

I'm also a fan of this warm beanie, and I know he would be too! 

Beats Pill... it's perfect, small and very compact. Great for travel and at home.

And because you can never having enough charging cables, here is a 10' long one.

The art of brewing fascinates me, which is why I think it would fascinate him as well. L and I both enjoy a good cider, so why not make it yourself!?

Yeti Cooler... I think every guy wants one to have one.

Nalgenes are perfect for taking to the gym, hiking, camping, anything! L and I got some for Christmas and use them religiously. 

I think I already professed my newfound love for packing cubes on here, however it I have not... they are the best! I got some for Christmas, and now I feel as though everyone needs them!

He already owns a pair of darn toughs, however I'm sure he'd be okay with me adding another pair or two to his collection! They are the best for hiking, skiing, and everyday use! AND they're guaranteed for LIFE. When you wear them out (if that's even possible), send them back and they will hook you up with a new pair. MADE IN VERMONT! (:  

What are you planning on picking up for your guy on Valentine's Day? Some Love Coupons? ;)

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  1. Those are awesome gifts!! I might need to pin this!

  2. This is perfect! Guys are always so hard to shop for, but there are so many great ideas here! My husband would go crazy for that Yeti cooler!


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