LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: View through my lens: January

View through my lens: January

31 January 2016

I sure was hoping I'd have a little more to share with you concerning this month, however I was sadly disappointed when I went to flip through my phone and realized I had hardly taken any pictures this month. Big fail on my part. 

I don't remember if I shared this picture on here or not, but this is back when I was traveling to and from Ohio over the holidays. After arriving at the very crowded airport, Channel 7 approaches me to interview me... sure! Why not? I got frisked at security because my sweater contained too much holiday cheer (foil), my gate is switched three times... I bought myself a frosty to make myself feel better. The plane finally arrives and we board 45 minutes late, we sat on the runway for 3 hours while they put the wings back on the plane and other airport jargon. They deplane us because the flight crew has reached their 9 hour max flight time, and as passengers we had hit our three hour preflight sit time. They put our fully booked flight up at the Hilton and I indulge and order room service while watching SVU... what I learned... if you ever have a crappy day, pizza and fries will make everything alright! Seriously though, some of the best food I've had in awhile!!

My love for organization continues... my most recent obsession... these containers
I ordered three after Christmas to help corral and organize our many odds and ends and just ordered one more to house my seasonal clothing. They're sturdy, weathertight, and clear! As our camping gear and other collections grow, these will be perfect to keep everything tidy and pretty!

 In January, we had our holiday party for one of my jobs and I might just have lucked out with my secret santa! She seriously hooked it up for me! Complete with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, a blanket, matches, fly swatters, playing cards, a first aid kit, bug candles, mints, mini camping utensils, hot cocoa, a tumbler, and a cooler! The perfect kit of camping goodies! Such a sweet gift, and the presentation was on point!

 After over a month without Macy Cat, I'm happy to say that we are off to Maine tomorrow to pick her up and bring her back to her little home in Boston. We brought her to Maine to stay with family while we traveled and are ready to have her back. Keep in mind that this cat hasn't been outside in 2+ years, so this crazy snow adventure was life changing for her. She's not a fan though... she's a city cat at heart. (:

Hopefully next month I will have a few more updates and pictures!! (:
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  1. I need those containers in my life! Especially for my Christmas decor - I do not have a good system for putting it away and it was stressing me out this year!


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