LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: WEBSITES that I love! (That aren't shops)

WEBSITES that I love! (That aren't shops)

29 February 2016


If this was a post highlighting all of the shopping websites that I frequent, it would be mighty long and probably pretty boring. The number of bookmarks that I have is quite extensive, however, there are a handful of websites that I enjoy visiting that don't involve buying something (sometimes). Aside from the ever popular Pinterest, Youtube, Netflix and Buzzfeed, I have a few other favorites that might not be as popular.

    I feel silly admitting to this, but I use as a running shopping/wish list for myself. It's so easy to keep everything with direct links to products that I would like to potentially buy located in one spot. While the actual purpose of this website is to use it as an actually registry where you add a bunch of items and then share the link with others, I like to keep it to myself. On the occasional birthday/Christmas, I'll share the access password with L if he needs a little help with gifts ;) mine is basically the entire container store.

    There are two emails that I look forward to receiving every morning. Our local neighborhood newsletter, and theSkimm. I'm not one to sit in front of the TV or computer dissecting the news all day, so this broken down, simplified, and easy to read newsletter is the perfect dose of news and information that I can browse through to give me an educated understanding of current events.

    For something a little more satirical, I can spend hours browsing through and reading articles on theONION. While they certainly do cover current events, they incorporate a fun and fictional spin to each of their stories.

    I am always looking for ways to maximize productivity, which is why Lifehacker is my most recent favorite! I always go straight to the "Two Cents" section (which can be found by clicking the upper left hand corner) for the articles that I find the most informative. It's filled with interesting life tips and hacks that you might not have found elsewhere!

What are your favorite websites!?

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