LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: 30 Days of Decluttering

30 Days of Decluttering

24 March 2016

While living in Boston has taught me a handful of wonderful life lessons, one of the most important lessons, and my personal favorite, is the value of a square foot! There aren't many of them here, so it is important for us to stay on top of cleaning, organizing and decluttering so that we can make the most out of our space and make our space work for us. Having too many knick knacks and randoms lying around the place gives off a cluttered and messy look making for a stressful environment.

I jump at any opportunity that helps keep our little home tidy and clean, and thought it would be fun to design a 30 days of decluttering worksheet to help keep me on track. Nothing is more fulfilling than crossing something off of a list! I recently implemented a "15 minutes of cleaning everyday" rule and also made progress by getting rid of a few things. Here's to hoping I can stick to my guns and complete this list! Feel free to follow the link below and print a worksheet off for yourself!

30 Days of Decluttering

If you're interested, I also have a handful of other printables that you may print off as well, and a bunch of kits over in my Etsy shop!

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  1. I agree with the whole de-cluttering thing--spring is a great season to make some room and donate!


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