26 January 2016

Every one has a little bit of clutter in their life, no matter who they are. After looking around at our already very small apartment, it dawned on me that I had a few things that could definitely be removed from the ever growing collection that is our stuff. Inspired my this list of things that can be disposed, I poked around and found a handful of items that I felt didn't need to live in our home anymore.

  • This sounds silly, but we have so much alcohol in out apartment. I don't know where it came from and why we have it, but we are not big drinkers, and when we are... we stick to beer and wine. Honestly, if we hosted people frequently (which we don't really do that often) then maybe it would be worth keeping around. However, I have friends who would get much better use out of this than we would. After all, all they do it collect dust. The good stuff is in the fridge ;)
  • Let me clarify... cardboard boxes, not organizing containers. For some reason, cardboard boxes end up collecting in our bedroom from amazon and J. Crew shipments, and I never throw them out in fear that I will need them to ship some random thing. This includes shoe boxes. I realize that some boxes may be worth keeping because they are from nice brands and look pretty, however there is just no space for us to do that. I think that I would prefer to store my nicer shoes in acrylic containers like this anyways... that is of course if there was space. Almost all of the boxes went out for recycling Friday morning.
  • For a little while I received the weekly People magazine as a "thank you" from Saks off 5th... however I NEVER read them and now they sit in our bathroom and collect dust. In addition to those, we also have an eclectic collection of shopping and finance magazines that live there now as well. I'm not going to read them, they're old, and look messy. They're outta here!
  • So many. I finally have a method down for hairties. I've been keeping all of the nice ones that are still new and stretchy on a carabiner, while all the others fall to the bottom of the drawer. I think it's time I say my good byes. They aren't doing anything for me.
  • Lots of change, all the time, and it's really heavy! I've narrowed it down to two or three jars, and now all I have to do is haul it to the bank and run it through the machine. I have already made leaps and bounds in this department, and am now just trying to finish the project up. That's money, people!
  • Maybe it's because TD banks are like dunkin' donuts here... but I am usually finding a TD bank pen in my purse at least once or twice a week! I really don't need that many, and know of a great cause for all of your extra pens. Donate your unused or unwanted pens to your local restaurants. Believe me, the servers and bartenders NEVER have enough. That's where mine went!
  • I'm a tupperware snob. After getting into meal planning and buying containers that help me keep everything organized, I have shunned the mismatching sets. I stick to these DELItainers, and my beloved sistema ones and dropped the mismatchy ones off at the Goodwill... they're still in great shape and very useful!
  • I am always getting rid of clothes that do not fit or that I do not wear. eBay has been my best tool thus far. I get such a rush of excitement every time something is bought, PLUS I'm getting rid of stuff that takes up space. Win, win! I've been trying very hard for the past forever or so to get my closet down to just the staples and purge it of items that shouldn't be there. 
I'll have to continue to reference back to that list to help de-clutter my life! What other items do you find yourself getting rid of?

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  1. Thank you for the tupperware tips!! I have so many mismatched onees and its driving me nuts. I'm definitely going to start using Amazon more!


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