LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: 9 Things your cat wants you to buy for them!

9 Things your cat wants you to buy for them!

29 March 2016

Cats like to get new things just as much as we do! Whether it be a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or a random surprise, make sure your cat isn't feeling left out when their next birthday or the holidays roll around! After staring at Macy Cat for a few minutes in search for some blogging ideas, I felt inspired to document a handful of items that could potentially enhance your fur-child's life!

  1. If your cat is as regal as the one that rules our home, it is of the utmost importance to outfit them with a trendy, upholstered pet sofa. It's elevated, stylish, and tufted! What more could a cat ask for!? Your cat might like this adorable one as well!

  2. If your cat is a manly cat who prefers to sleep in enclosed areas, like the belly of a shark, I would recommend you running these sleeping quarters past him. This soft, fluffy and very inviting bed was designed with your furry friend in mind!

  3. If your cat prefers Chinese food above all else, you should introduce these Chinese food cat toys into their life. Not only can you get cat toys shaped like sauce packets and fortune cookies that are filled with cat nip, heck they have their own fortunes too! Here's a little video that explains them.

  4. These cat nip bubbles may appeal to the more active member of your cat family. The rather plump cat that lives in our house just stares at them and watches them pop.

  5. When the humans are away, the cats must play. Crank up their level of fun with this groovy cat music CD. I really am curious as a cat owner what kind of music is on this CD and what it will make my cat do!?

  6. If you're a busy body and your schedule inconveniences your cats chow time, it may be in your best interest to invest in an automated pet feeder and water bubbler. Nothing says "I love you" more than food and water!

  7. I must admit, these next three items are things that made my life a little bit easier. Macy Cat recently got a groovy manicure when we played cat salon a couple weeks ago. She is now sporting some sparkly pink softpaws and I couldn't be happier! It's been 3+ weeks and not one has fallen off! My stomach is no longer victim to getting hole punched by the cat!

  8. When it comes to keeping kitty litter within a one foot proximity of the litter box, we have failed on multiple occasions. We just haven't seemed to master this yet. I just purchased a boot tray and plan on setting the entire box on top of it. Hopefully litter will not go outside of this tray!

  9. Rumor has it that cats who sport a bright orange collar are known as kitty convicts and should not leave the safety of their home. Whenever you see a cat outside roaming around with an orange color, let it be known that it is an escaped convict, and it's authorities should be notified immediately. Macy Cat sports a bright orange collar with a bell. She can be an escape artist if given the opportunity, and we all know that if that city girl got loose in Boston I would be reduced to a puddle!

What other cat necessities make your list?

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