LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

05 June 2016

Father's Day is two weeks away and I've got a list for you! If you're not into making a homemade arts and crafts gift for him this year, I hope that you are able to refer to this list to help pick out the perfect gift. Dad's can be difficult to shop for, so I hope you are able to find some inspiration here!

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  1. Monopoly - I love this classic spin that L.L. Bean did on the infamous Monopoly board game. For all of those die hard monopoly dads out there, this is the gift for them! The playing pieces include a tote, dog, bean boot, canoe, lantern and a moose. Not to mention the board is reversible, allowing you to play scrabble as well! Bingo!

  2. Nest Cam - My most recent fascination. I'm looking into investing into a couple of these babies myself. Not only does all the footage upload directly to the cloud so that it is not stored on the device, you can also access it from you flip phone at any time. For an extra $10/month you can buy storage and your footage will be recorded into the cloud. Not a bad gig, you can't put a price on safety!

  3. Homebrewing Kit - This gift is perfect for the beer connoisseur dad who wants to put his brewing knowledge to the test. It includes all of the equipment needed to brew two gallons of delicious and fresh beer.

  4. Dollar Shave Club - I don't know if this is something that everyone's dad would want to take advantage of, however it eases the task of buying new razors/blades each month. Sign up for a couple bucks each month, and they will ship them straight to your door. Easy, easy.

  5. Vineyard Vines Tie - These are a classic! If your dad is a tie-wearer, consider splurging on one of these fun, bright, and critter filled ties. I'm sure it would brighten his day, and everyone who sees him wearing it!

  6. Drill Kit - If he doesn't already have one, I'm sure your dad would appreciate a drill kit. It's such an easy gift that everyone needs.

  7. Hometown Map Puzzle - I know I write about this puzzle ALL of the time, I'm obsessed with it. His home would be represented by a house shaped puzzle piece, while the rest of the puzzle makes up the surrounding terrain. When he finishes the puzzle, have him glue it, frame it, and hang it on the wall!

  8. Yeti Tumbler - These are great for both hot and cold drinks. They would make a great addition to his camping supplies or for everyday use.

  9. Man Crate - This is for the manly man dad. Pick out the crate that fits your dad best and enjoy watching him open it with the crowbar that they send with it.

What are you thinking about getting your Father for Father's Day?

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