04 June 2016

This post is four days late. I'm sorry.

I dropped the ball big time this month and was only able to get one post up for the entire month of May! How does that happen? Well, like December, May is the other month that goes crazy with graduations, birthdays, parties, summer soirees, dance recitals, you name it! It was so jam packed and fun, it makes me sad that I didn't get those memories recorded in here earlier. Hopefully that means that they will all be in here by the end of June!

I started posting these "view through my lens posts" to help recap each month through my iPhone shots to keep random snapshots saved and easy to find. They are, by far, my favorite posts to write, as I am able to relive each and every memory from the month.  

We started May off by traveling up to a small lake town in NH to celebrate Mother's Day with our mommy. All four of us pitched in to hook her up with a fitbit Charge so she can fit in with the kewl kats now! I printed off the fun "mom" wrapping paper from Almost Makes Perfect.

Had to share this pretty shot I grabbed the other day looking over Battery Street in Boston's North End/Waterfront. Goodness, it's beautiful here! Old North always seems to find its way into my pictures.

My friend surprised me earlier in May by gifting me an impromptu trip to Vegas to celebrate being done with my undergrad career! It was TRULY a one of a kind trip. We flew out at 6am, stayed for 14 hours, and then took a red-eye back to Boston! Fortunately, we were able to get a taste of Vegas, and enjoyed our day of exploring sin city! I am in the process of editing a vlog from the trip, so stay tuned!

Love this picture that L's brother snapped of us walking through Christopher Columbus Park, on our way to nosh on some Sail Loft food.

 L and I both celebrated our undergrad graduations a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. We are thrilled to have completed this chapter of our lives! L finished with a degree in finance, and mine in Biology! I'm working on a vlog for graduation as well... should be up later this month!

I felt inspired to decorate my cap last minute! 

 From Boston, we took a road trip to Ohio to celebrate my sister's birthday and her med school graduation. Don't worry.... there's a vlog in the works for the road trip/her graduation/lake/her move as well!

 While in Ohio, L and I attended our 5 year class reunion, and were fortunate enough to see two of oldest and dearest friends. Remember, the baby shower gift we put together last month? That was for this little peanut. He has yet to arrive and is now past his due date!

 We made our way up to Crooked Lake in Indiana to spend some time with L's family and get our burns on. My first time up there!

 ...and I liked it! A LOT! I'm now trying to talk L into getting a boat and some jet skis.

 I wrapped the month up by helping my sister and her fiance move cross country to their new home in Maine where she will be doing her residency. What a fun move that was! I think the truck alone is bigger than the apartment that I currently live in.

Looking forward to what June has in store for us!

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