LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Camping 2016 - Acadia National Park

Camping 2016 - Acadia National Park

28 September 2016

A couple months ago I began aching for a camping trip to try out some of our new gear, roast up some s'mores, feast on some pudgie pies and spend some time with family. We hadn't been camping in a loooong time, and living in the middle of the city with no vehicle or space to store gear didn't make it any easier. When my parents made plans to go camping as a family in Acadia National Park over Labor Day weekend, I nearly jumped out of my skin in excitement! Everyday I would tell L how excited I was to not only go camping, but also spend some time on breathtaking Mount Desert Island! We spent a good chunk of time there two years ago for my grandparents 50th anniversary and it was nothing short of a great time! I don't have as many pictures as last time, however I did compile a handful of short clips from our trip into a fun little vlog which I have put at the bottom of this post!

First and foremost... the car. L and I forgot how convenient it is to have a vehicle to throw all of our gear in and travel. After packing all of our "stuff" into totes and traveling via trains and ubers for so long, this is truly a treat. We are still adding to our camping collection, however I can say that these clear weathertight containers from the container store are a favorite! We don't go anywhere these days without one of these in the trunk... just in case we come across an adventure of some nature, you never know! 

We ended up staying in a cute campground right outside of Acadia and right on the shore of Somes Sound, Somes Sound View Campground. 

We glamped in two side by side cabins (Starfish and Barnacle) at Somes Sound View Campground which could sleep four people each, perfect for our party of eight! We finagled our parking spaces and moved our tables in-between the two cabins so that we could spend even MORE time together. The place was booked for the weekend (as expected) and offered great creature features! A quarry that you could take a little boat on, a heated pool, docks, etc.!

We played one of our favorite group games, telestrations, a mix of pictionary and telephone... just imagine the fun! I am proud to say that we successfully mastered a lighting setup by tying a rope from a tree to our car and hanging two Luci lights above our game playing table! #greatsuccess

We did get our butts up wicked early to witness the infamous sunrise from Cadillac Mountain. There's nothing quite like being one of the first (along with the other 400 people on Cadillac) in the country to watch the sunrise. Parking was insane, as anticipated, so as a helpful hint to you if you ever go, do not park on the side of the road. Don't do it... you will never be able to turn your vehicle around... find a spot in one of the two lots.  

We unfortunately didn't have enough time to hike the very steep Precipice trail, however we did play on another crowd favorite, Beehive trail... another fun but steep trail with rungs and ladders. 

The gang!

One of my favorite parts of camping is the campfire food. We got serious about our pudgie pies and s'mores this year. One of my favorites being a cinnamon graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate and nutella pudgie pie.

We can't go to MDI without paying a visit to our favorite soup kitchen, Common Good. Located in Southwest Harbor (they recently moved in town), Common Good is where you can get the most delicious popover and oatmeal breakfast on Mount Desert Island for whatever price feels right. Hopefully when you visit you are feeling generous, as that helps provide for people who may not be able to afford as much. They have a plethora of different jams and butters, as well as hot beverages, milk and juice. It is the perfect buffet of food for such a GREAT cause!

 We had such a wonderful time in Acadia and an even better time with the family. Looking forward to next year!

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