LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: DIY: Holiday Ornament Tree

DIY: Holiday Ornament Tree

20 December 2016

I've been in quite the Holiday craft mood these past fews weeks and have been running around making a mess in a different room every other day to satisfy my desire to craft! My most recent project being an Ornament Tree. I've seen variations of this idea floating around pinterest however I wanted to use  smaller ornaments that varied in size opposed to one size. Surprisingly, tiny ornaments are rather hard to come by so I settled on some pearl beads, some vase/bowl filler, and tiny Christmas bells.

Before I started the "glueing of the ornaments" which actually took a lot longer than I had anticipated, I spray painted a paper mache "tree" metallic so that there would be no gaps where I was unable to fit any beads. I also spray painted a handful of the gold styrofoam balls and pearl beads metallic as well so that I could have every color in the book (and by that I mean gold, silver and white).

I try to avoid hot glue whenever possible. I hate working with it and I always end up with a huge mess. For this project I used Gorilla Glue super glue, however if I were to do it again, I would have used the gel version of that glue. The regular version took awhile to dry and it couldn't support some of the heavier beads. I eventually ran out, so I rant to Rite Aid and picked up the gel version of Krazy Glue to finish up the project.

I didn't have any particular pattern in mind when I glued everything together giving it a rather eclectic look to it which I loved!

I glued little Christmas bells in places where there were maybe too many of one color, or a gap in beads to help fill it in.


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