LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Welcome to New Hampshire, Phoebe!

Welcome to New Hampshire, Phoebe!

22 March 2018

Ever since we took our beloved Griffin home (the day we moved into our new house) we knew that it would only be a matter of time before we added a second pup to the pack. Who knew that opportunity would knock so soon? We adopted Griffin in May when he was 2.5 months old and like any puppy, it was a full time job training him to be the little winner that he is today. Knowing how much work was involved with a puppy, we decided to hold off until after L took a big test for his job in November. As with Griffy we were never actively looking for a certain type/breed/age/color, however, when a friend of ours in Ohio posted that she had golden retriever puppies that needed homes, the wheels started to turn. We entertained the idea of adding a 3 month old golden, but closed the door on that idea when we figured transporting one from Ohio to New Hampshire would be next to impossible. Well, L, being the little miracle worker that he is told his dad about them, and a few weeks later he came down with not one but two pups! On our birthday weekend!

L and I had decided to take two and surprise my sister with one for Christmas (she has been actively looking for a golden puppy for awhile now - it was a perfect plan!)

Needless to say, L's dad said that they were perfect co-pilots that didn't make a peep the entire time. We had "the girls" to ourselves for 3 weeks and had perfected puppy cleanup and had more puppy snuggles and cuddles than we knew what to do with. Griffin had taken on the "older brother" roll wonderfully and played so well with them.

Fast forward to Christmas! The only people who knew about "the girls" were my mom, L's family, our extended family, everyone we worked with, the UPS man, the post office girls, our neighbors, and everyone's brother. The only people who didn't know about the puppies were my dad, both my sisters and my brother. My mom should get an award for not spilling the beans because I could barely keep it together. It was the only thing I could talk about.

I had to let mom in on "Code Gold" because I needed her help in arranging the surprise at her house where Christmas was hosted. We had everything down to the T. I arrived, distracted everyone while Mom snuck out to the Jeep and smuggled the puppies into the house one by one up the back entrance into her closet. 

We typically open gifts one at a time, but mom and I were rushing a little bit which my sisters caught on to. After we had all finished unwrapping gifts I snuck upstairs to grab one of the pups. I stuck her in an Extra Large boat and tote and pulled the ole "I have one more gift" line.

Needless to say she was on Cloud 9 and despite her finance's face, I'm pretty sure that little golden girl has him wrapped about her little paw now.

Phoebe and Wixey have varying personalities. From the day they arrived, we noticed that Phoebe was very active, loved to play with Griffin and barked a lot, while Wixey liked to keep to herself and was much calmer. Phoebe and Griffin bonded instantly which made for an easy match.

Here we are three months later and still in puppy heaven.

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