LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Boston Bound!

Boston Bound!

01 May 2013

I'm excited to announce that I will be moving to the beautiful


this summer/fall to continue my education!

I've been in love with this city for awhile now, and have been obsessing over it for over a year! It is so historically rich, culturally diverse, extremely beautiful and is the motherload of colleges and universities!

After tons of research and praying, Landon and I limited our school search down to four cities (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston), and we felt as though Boston fit us both best. 

We will be attending...

which is located right downtown in the heart of the city!!

I will continue on to earn my bachelors of science in biology, and L will continue to work on his business/entrepreneurship degree. 

Isn't the location prime?

Here are a few Boston pictures for you to drool over ;)


Don't those pictures make you want to move East!

It will definitely be quite the change of pace going from living in the country to Boston, but its about time I get some city in my blood for a little bit!

I will be making the move around early/mid June!
However, I will probably live in Maine for most of the summer months so that I can take time to search and find an apartment and roommate!!

So many fun adventures on the horizon!! 

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