LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: DIY Dry Erase Paint Chip Calendar

DIY Dry Erase Paint Chip Calendar

19 May 2013

Inspired by the Maple and Magnolia blog on paint chip calendars, I took it upon myself to create one for my own home!

I left Wal Mart with 35 paint chips in 7 different colors (5 of each color), and a huge 22" x 28" picture frame!

I decided on some green and yellow shades because they are just so bright and springy!

I painted the picture that they put inside the frame all black. Obviously, since it was the picture that was originally from the frame, it fit perfectly!

Once I trimmed down all the paint chips to the size I wanted them to be, I laid them out on the board to make sure they would all fit.

I used sticky tabs to secure everything down to the paper (if you use glue it will leave marks and will be noticeable), and printed out labels for the days of the week and the "month" label at the top.

I put the plastic cover and frame back on the calendar and was finished!

I also drew lines on each of the paint chips so that you could write down the corresponding day of the month.

Filled out my new Dry Erase Paint Chip Calendar and I was ready to go!


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