LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Project Maine Update #2

Project Maine Update #2

16 June 2013

Maine Update!
Here is a link to the previous Project Maine post.

My Bedroom!

I finally completed my new bedroom in the new house (painting it that is).
Almost all the walls in the house are white, and I was just not feeling the all white color scheme for my bedroom.
I won't be living there full time come August, but when I come visit, I wanted to have a fun, comfy room to store my stuff and relax!

I envisioned gray walls and temporarily black furniture (until my furniture from Ohio is shipped here), with coral accents. 

I started off with painting all the walls a casual white. I had to put a couple coats on all the walls because it was such a light color. I went ahead and painted the interior of the itty bitty closet as well because... it was much needed! 

After all the walls had that color, I went to Lowe's and picked out a light shade of gray for two of the opposite walls 

 Buying this paint was quite the debacle. Dad and I picked out the paint color (Thin Ice), and when I went up to the paint counter to have them mix it, I ordered a gallon. Dad wanted me to buy a quart, and stirred up a little scene that the lady discounted the paint "to keep family peace". How sweet and nice is that!? She really didn't have to, Dad and I were just bickering a little about the amount we would need, but she went ahead and took a few bucks off just to be nice! Two thumbs up for great customer service!!

Here are some before and after pictures of the room!
I absolutely love how the nautical stripes turned out!

Taping the stripes out was no walk in the park! I taped them so that each stripe would be one foot apart.


 The completed project!!




The only furniture that I have in the room right now is a bookshelf that I painted black that houses some pictures, some flowers and a lamp!

 Ahhh yes, and this nifty looking, extremely large wine glass! I picked this baby up at a thrift shop, and looks like it would be perfect for storing corks!
(and there's my first coral accent! A picture frame that I tackled with spray paint)

 It's so cozy looking! I'm so pleased with how everything has turned out so far. The furniture that is in this room will more than likely end up in my apartment in Boston, so I am in search for a futon or sleeper sofa that I can temporarily use as my bed here!

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