LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Project Maine and Boston News!

Project Maine and Boston News!

12 June 2013

Sorry I've been pretty much MIA lately!
I've been in the process of moving everything I own from NW Ohio to Southern Maine, and I am slowly adjusting to the chilly coast! While I read FB posts from my friends in OH hooting and hollering about the 90+ degree weather, I lay here bundled from head to toe in sweats under the thickest blanket I own. However, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

We left Friday for our 3 day traveling trip to Maine. The first leg of the trip we stayed in Pittsburgh with some family! Saturday, we traveled to the Jersey shore and stayed with more family, and then Sunday, we finished up the drive and arrived in Maine! Woo Hoo! It was nice to be done with all that driving!

 Driving around NYC was no fun at all! I would never wish that upon anyone! It was nice to see the beautiful skyline though!

 Does this not look beautiful? New England is so gorgeous.


The new house that my parents purchased is some what of a fixer upper. There are not so pleasant surprises left and right that we keep uncovering. The house is huge and has plenty of room, however it had some ancient wallpaper and curtains, awkward fixtures, next to no lights, and weird problems that the inspector certainly missed. What can ya do!?!

So we are trying to doll it up as best as we can to make it as homey as possible! 

For starters, Let me introduce to you our pool. I have ALWAYS wanted an in ground pool. Who doesn't? I have worked at pools for the past 4+ years, and love being in and around the water! Nothing says, "my day is going great" than a pool, with a floaty, a cool beverage in one hand laying out sunbathing! So, when I found out the new house would have a pool... let's say... I was pretty satisfied (not to mention my dad is half fish and practically has gills, so we were bound to get one eventually).

 So, being that we live in Maine, this pool certainly had to hold up to some pretty snowy weather! Just imagine all that snow melting through the cover into the pool. Okay, now that you have... check out what it looked like!
 GREEN and SCARY! You guessed it folks! Filled to the brim with yucky, nasty, green water!
 Ha! I was so petrified! I like to consider myself a pretty brave person... BUT when I'm skimming out snake skins and there are water spiders everywhere... I cringe a little. So with that being said, I won't be in that water hole until I can see the bottom of the deep end, it is as blue as the sky, and warms up about 30 to 40 degrees! I'm pretty sure it wasn't open for a couple seasons too. The lady who use to own the house was older, and I doubt she would want to do all the work to open and close the pool just for 2 or 3 months. The pool was pretty well winterized, which is good, and it seems (so far) to be in good condition (thank goodness!). Because it was winterized (professionally it seems), all the pipes were closed off and had caps on everything. SO, all those caps had to be removed.
 This here is my super brave little brother who jumped twice into the FREEZING cold, scary green water hole to remove some of the caps off of the drains. I mean, you can't see what's down there! I am such a wimp.

Okay, so enough of me scaring you with my pool. I will post more pictures and updates of it once we chemicalize (yes, I made that up) the crap out of it, vacuum it a few thousand more times, and heat that sucker up! It's already looking A LOT better, and you can almost see the drain in the deep end. Score!

Here's my project of the week!
My new Bedroom!

 I'm loving these hardwood floors... the trim, not so much.

World's tiniest closet.
Dad wants this room for his office... we'll see.

 Repairing the walls with primer.

The owners before did a terrible job painting this room this house. Obviously, they must not of ever heard of painters tape, and didn't believe in moving furniture. The trim is covered with paint, and there are spots where they painted around the furniture. Yikes! 
Oh well! Makes for a fun project for me! I'm thinking grey and white with splashes of salmon/peach! I would like to see two walls a casual white, one wall all grey, and then the opposite wall, casual white with huge nautical, horizontal stripes! Maybe? We'll see!
Dad's opposed to this idea. He is still convinced that it will be his office.

On an exciting note! I'm excited to announce that I have found an apartment in Boston!

Searching for an apartment in Boston has been an ongoing struggle! The market is so hot, that as soon as something goes on, it's gone a few hours later! Living in Ohio made the process next to impossible. That's why I decided to move to Maine when I did. Being accessible to the city made everything go so much more quickly and smoothly! My roommate and I visited the unit Tuesday, got accepted today, and are headed back into the city tomorrow to sign the lease! Thank goodness I can almost check that off the list. Definitely a huge weight of my shoulders.

We will be located in the North End of Boston, which is where most students end up living. It's only about a 10-15 minute walk to school (which is right downtown), and we have the T right at our hands. We are a block away from a hip, hop, and happening street, and are steps away from Quincy Market (which by the way, if you are ever there.... go to the Monkey Bar and buy yourself a Colada Twist in Faneuil Hall. Although $7 for a smoothie may seem steep, it is worth every last penny! Yum!). The unit that we will be living in has high ceilings, ceiling fans in every room, is on the 4th floor, big closets, and has an open kitchen and living room! It is definitely a Boston apartment, and has next to NO room, but I think we lucked out and got a good deal on an awesome place. Pretty Excited!

I will continue to bore or entertain you by posting pictures of the updates of the house!


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