LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: 5 for Friday!

5 for Friday!

26 July 2013

Hello All!
Linking up with April, Natasha, Christina and Darci for another round of the Friday 5!


Because some gracious soul at work decided to pick up my shift tonight, I actually have a weekend evening to do something!
Dad and I are thinking about heading up to Prescott Park in Portsmouth to watch the musical Annie.

Hopefully the rain holds off.

This rainy overcast weather puts me in the mood for some new rain boots!

Oh these boots. (:
Hunter Boots has the colors SPICE, CHARTREUSE, BURNT ORANGE, and CIGAR on sale for only $89! Buy your pair now!!
I must say, the Chartreuse ones are calling my name.

Why have I never thought of this before?
This is genius!
I will definitely be frame shopping this next week.
I've been wanting a tray to put in the bathroom or on a dresser to throw jewelry and odds/ends.

I also wanted to share with you these free printable letters if you are in the banner making mood!
I know I sure am!

I'm so inspired now!

In a little over a week, I am traveling with L's family to Myrtle Beach for some much needed vacation time.

Look how warm it looks there!
I think our month of summer here in Maine is just about over. It's been pretty cool and rainy lately.
I have hope that we will get another hot week though!

Enjoy your weekend!!


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