LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: DIY Decorative Throw All Tray

DIY Decorative Throw All Tray

30 July 2013

Remember a couple of days ago when I said in my Friday 5 that this was a genius idea?

Well...  I have decided to create my own rendition of this project.

Basically, this is what happened...

I went to the Goodwill today and bought this $2.00 picture and frame. I tried to find one that was not very flat and aimed downwards towards the glass.

I took the picture and glass out so that all I was left with was the good old frame.

I printed a fun pattern off of the internet, and then changed the color scheme to gray... because everything matches gray. I'm starting to get hooked on the cross T pattern.

I've been debating over what I wanted the accent color for my bedroom to be. At first I wanted to go with yellow since that's what I decorated my old room with, and I have several pillows that would look great with it. Then I started to consider a bright green, and then a coral. Because I have no patience and get so antsy to start a project once I have most of the supplies, I decided on this coral color because it was the only paint I had at the time besides black. SO... it looks as though coral will be my pop of color!
I used the Valspar Color Radiance Paint, and it made my entire garage smell like bubble gum!?

After everything dried, I put everything back into the frame including the double T print, and am so pleased with how my decorative throw all tray all turned out! 
This beauty will more than likely end up on my dresser in my bedroom!

...or I could use it to put hair products on...

...oh the possibilities... 


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