LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Five on Friday

Five on Friday

02 August 2013

How is it Friday already?
This week flew!

As always, I will fill you in the hip hop happening Friday Five!

Yesterday was the day!
Packing up a whole van load of goods, trekked it to Boston, and then threw it all up 4 flights of stairs into a pint sized apartment.

How everything fit is beyond me.

My roommate is moving in tomorrow, so we will be reliving the whole moving process all over again tomorrow.

We don't have our internet and TV hooked up yet, so I am comfortably sitting in the cutest coffee shop (Boston Common Coffee Co.) updating you all.

Dad and I went up to Portsmouth a couple times this past week.
Friday night was pretty overcast, but we snatched up a beautiful view of a double rainbow and chowed down on some gelato!

 Saturday Morning was much for enjoyable though! Look at the water!

My last day of work before I moved to Boston was on Tuesday. I seriously work for the best company!

We have this fat as a cow frog who hangs by the pool.
He didn't use to be this HUGE!
He used to be all slimmed and normal sized, but he comes by everyday, sits on the makeshift lily pad we made for him, and eats up all the bugs.
I enjoy his company when swimming. He just sits there and watches you. Sometimes he gets in and swims with us as well. We have named this little fella Speedo, because once upon a time... he used to be fast. (:

I got in a serious bunt sign banner mood this week.
I made banners for EVERYTHING. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Boston, Fall.. you name it.. I made it. I will be posting DIY updates on them when they come in season. But for now, I will give you a little sneak peak into the Boston one I made. Once I finish it, and find the perfect spot for it in the apartment, I will share more!

Have a Happy Weekend!!


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