LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: DIY "Happy Fall" Bunting Flag Banner

DIY "Happy Fall" Bunting Flag Banner

05 September 2013

I recently updated my beloved brick wall with a newer, more updated, and season appealing bunting flag banner than I wanted to share with everyone!

My other most recent "Boston Love" banner can be found here.

Because here in New England, fall weather starts immediately after Labor Day, I only found it appropriate to start decorating the apartment for fall! I bought a candle named Asian Ginger and Apple/Vanilla Brûlée/Hinoki Bonsai and it has completely set the mood for the season.
I pulled my "Boston Banner" down from the living room, and hung up my most recent project... my "Happy Fall" bunting banner! 

Like my other bunting banners, it was a ton of fun and super easy to make!

I printed the templates for all the letters here, and then cut them all out.

I mounted each of the flags on recycled grocery bags using double sided tape.
You can use construction paper as well, however I had a bunch of whole foods bags that were getting ready to be thrown out, and could do the job just as well, if not better.
This helps to make the banner stronger.
Once it was mounted, I cut out a slightly larger flag.

I used the same hemp braid that I used for my other banners, however if this is your first bunting banner  and would like to hang it from braided hemp, be sure to take yards and yards of hemp and braid it all together.
This WILL cramp and kill your fingers.

I hung the hemp up, and attached the flags using mini wooden clothespins which I found at Walmart.

The reason that I decided to just attach the flags using the clothespins opposed to just punching holes and stringing hemp through is because I would like to use the flags and hemp for other themed banners, and this method made the whole switching them out process much easier!

Check out my other bunting flag banners here!

I'm off for a lovely fall walk with a pumpkin spice latte in hand to downtown crossing with L.
Happy Bunting!


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