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What I'm Thinking Wednesday

04 September 2013

Excuse me for my terrible blogging absence for the month of August. It has been so jam packed full with moving and new adjustments that I have completely dropped the ball. I have so many drafts sitting in my dashboard that are waiting for pictures so that I can post them. My apologies. Go ahead, let me hear it... (; 

Here are a few random updates.

(If you ever move to the city, make sure you live in the heart of the city. It is completely worth every last penny of your ridiculously high rent. The experiences and close proximity to everything make it well worth your while!)

Today, I started classes at Suffolk. My earliest class is at 10 (thank goodness), however it's Organic Chemistry. I am absolutely petrified. I have been told by everyone I know that it is going to be the hardest class that I take in my undergraduate biology career (run Kaylie, run!). Even my professor, whom I can barely understand basically told us we should all be scared.
My other class, an Organismal Biology class, is going to be awesome, I can tell! My professor is so cool and relaxed. She also received great ratings on rate my professor which completely lifts my spirits!
All my books have been painfully purchased leaving a $500+ hole in my heart. However, it's nothing compared to my roommate who set a new record of $1300 in books for one semester. Does that not make you sick to your stomach!?

I have a ton of projects that I am currently working on that I cannot wait to share with everyone! They range from more bunting flag banners, a picture display frame, to wine bottle decorations. I seriously need a craft room here (or at least a table). I am having the most difficult of time trying to organize all my crafting into a tiny 8x9 bedroom.

Here in Boston, we put all our trash out on the side of the curb 3 times a week, and the trash trucks come around and pick up the loads of trash in the mornings. Lately, there has been some seriously gold trash with everyone moving out when their August lease is up. I mean, people are throwing away perfectly fine couches, chairs, tables, beds, AC units, TVs, etc... just because they don't want to move it (and I don't blame them one bit). There are so many things that I want to snatch up and turn into beautiful project masterpieces, however I always seem to be on my way to somewhere important and don't have the chance to. Isn't that lovely...? I'm hoping to find some fun pieces that I can repurpose and use to decorate the apartment!

I found a job that is located right across from the Garden, and will be extremely hip, hop, and happening once the Bruins and Celtics seasons start up! I'm happy to work, and I love having an income... however, I really would like to just not work. In a perfect world, I would take out loans to pay for my sky high cost of living, I would have a rocking internship at the aquarium, go to classes, and maybe work once or twice a week for "fun money". I would go ice skating in the Commons every chance I could get, join a yoga class, exercise a whole lot more, and be able to afford the food from Whole Foods Store. I would attend every possible event at the Garden and would be a crazy Bruins Fan. L and I would walk the harbor every night, and I would adopt a dog, and walk it in the Commons, with a cup of pumpkin spice latte in the mornings. If only. Until that magical work free life comes my way, I will keep this job and enjoy the Boston love that will come from all the Bruins and Celtics happy fans that come my way at my new job! I'm excited to see how it goes, and thankful to have a job!

As promised, I will post an apartment "tour" (if that's what you want to call it... it's literally the size of a shoebox) when I get my bed situation all situated. All I have left to do is move my bed in, and decorate it with fun bedding and pillows, and possibly find an area rug for our living room. Until then, everyone will just have to wait in suspense! Just kidding, it's really not that exciting. I'm excited to share though!!

Uhm, this is embarrassing. I like to exercise, my own way, on my own terms. I've always loved running, and decided that TODAY would be the day that I begin exercising again for the first time since June. The gym that I'll be using is located by Beacon Hill (super close to where L lives), which is about a 10 to 15 minute walk from where I live. SO, I muster up enough energy to walk over to L's apartment and I'm already completely out of breath and in pain. Once I met up with him, we both walked to the gym together and I began a very depressing workout. Since it's been months since the last time I even thought about exercising, I thought, "I'll take it easy on the elliptical". The entire 30 minute workout was just terrible. I felt like complete crap the ENTIRE time, and felt as though the Oreos and milk I had had just prior to my workout were going to end up all over the floor. Not to mention, the guy next to me was kicking the treadmill's ass into the next century running 4 to 5 minute miles (I'm assuming). However, when I slowly crawled off the machine and out of the building, I did feel good about completing a workout. I think tomorrow morning I'm going to try a 3 mile loop around the North End. That way the traffic is not too busy, and I can enjoy running on the harbor, around the wharfs, and maybe I'll detour to the Old North Church and then Faneuil Hall for some shopping ;)

That's all I have for you guys tonight, however I am certainly making an effort to show some more blog love this month, that is if O Chem doesn't take over my life!

Happy Hump Day!


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