LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: "Boston Red Sox" Bunting Flag Banner

"Boston Red Sox" Bunting Flag Banner

27 October 2013

Have you guys been keeping up with the Red Sox & Cards lately?

World Series!!

These games have been pretty crazy so far!!

As a resident of Boston, I'm rooting for the Sox and would love to see them win the world series, however... let the best team win! (whether it be the Sox or Cards)

In the spirit of the intense season, a bunting banner was made and hung with joy!!

All you fans out there can download the template here from Google Docs!

Enjoy the rest of the game season!!



  1. I just saw your comment....YES! You were our server! OMG - what a small world!!?? That is so funny!

  2. Small world! I love following NE bloggers, but I didn't realize you were so close!!

  3. This banner is adorable too! And I'm not even a Red Sox fan - Go Yankees :) Love how you did the navy on top and red on the bottom!


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