06 November 2013

So I'm almost a week late in my celebratory BOSTON WON THE WORLD SERIES post, but if you have any interest in having a small photo recap of how proud this city is, keep reading!

"Worst to First"
has been the quote around here lately. 

This city has once again gone to prove how strong and great everyone in it really is!

As predicted, when the Sox took the win, shit hit the roof around here! Restaurants with patio furniture had to have it put away or bolted to the ground, cars were flipped, and glassware was thrown into the air at restaurants resulting in a rain of glass and mess.

Prior to the win, the city had dressed up most of it's statues...

...because, apparently Paul Revere was a huge Sox fan...

and of course I had to make a bunting banner for the season!

Find the template here!

For the parade, they had the cued the Ducks, who drove from Fenway to the Charles River to celebrate with all of Boston and its fans!

Security was crazy, and they had every possible type of police transpo available. Horses, motorcycles, cruisers, boats, buses, bicycles, oh my! You name it, they were there! They had several buses that were just loaded with cops waiting on standby, just as they had for the word series games!

The streets were just crowded and impossible, however we resorted to staking out at the Esplanade so that we could watch them when they hit the Charles. It was not nearly as busy as the streets, and had quick access back to the North End! You should have seen the lines for the T after the parade! 

These pictures look at though I'm creeping from a bush.  

 David Ortiz raising a beer to me, I wish think?! (:

This Black Duck is the same duck I took for a tour the other day!

Basically, the city has been on champion high for the past week, and it feels so good. Great Job guys!!

Feels GREAT living in a city of champions!!!


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