LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Everybody Loves Fall

Everybody Loves Fall

10 November 2013

It is taking every ounce of energy to focus all my blogging energy towards fall and Thanksgiving, opposed to the "most wonderful time of the year"!!

I'm here to recap you on some glorious Halloween FALL TIME FUN!
I'll start you with a pumpkin story.
I bought these two (rather large) pumpkins at Haymarket (a farmers market down the street), around the beginning of October. I was walking on my way home from Faneuil Hall, and thought "hey, we need some fall fun for the apartment, $3 for a pumpkin is a good deal"! So when I went to pay for it, he told me he would give me 2 for $5, an even better deal! Getting back to the North End with these two suckers was a pain in the ass workout that I NEVER ever want to relive. Eventually, after much sweat and two nice guys that helped me when I got to my street, I put them out on the fire escape and they rotted the next day. EXCELLENT! We left them out there for a couple more weeks because they stunk, were really squishy.. and we really, REALLY did not want to touch them. Eventually, L came and saved the day and helped bag them up for us. 
After that rotten experience, I went to Kennebunk and made my brother spend some quality pumpkin carving time with me!

He cheats...

 But I was seriously LOVING how these turned out!

 In the apartment in Boston, we have this random shelf that I wasn't sure what to do with?
It quickly turned into our "seasonal shelf" and is going to be decked out for every holiday!

It just finished up being decorated for Halloween, and is making the transition into Thanksgiving!
I'll post updated pictures when it's finished! (: 
BY THE WAY, I printed that Halloween printable from somewhere online... and they spelled "Lantern" wrong --fail

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