LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Five For Friday

Five For Friday

22 November 2013

Happy Friday!!

I am so very excited to reach the end of this week!

Linking up with these ladies again to celebrate Friday!

Thanksgiving is creeping it's way around the corner!
My roommate and L said I couldn't decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving, so I settled on this "Give Thanks" Bunting Banner that I downloaded from here.

The other night we decided to have a try to "make your own pizza" night!
My roommate picked up some supplies from Whole Foods, and we found ourselves elbow deep in pizza dough, hashing out a plan for some scrumptious pizza's!

Steph should clearly work down the street at Regina's (The best pizza in ALL of Boston). EXPERT!
My dough and cheese pizza was SO OH OH GOOD!

I don't like it when stuff is randomly out and not put away. Everything has a container, and every container has a label. I'm that person.
SO, you can only imagine my excitement when I found one of favorite food storage container brand (Sistema) had a baking line to store your baking supplies! Woohoo!
I picked up two large and two small, and started filling them, and I am LOVING how they look!

(Please ignore the crappy iPhone photo resolution)

The semester is FINALLY coming to an end. Thank goodness!
All my labs are officially done, except for the final lab reports and practicals... and lecture is boring me. I have two finals (Organic Chemistry and Organismal Biology) left, one of which will be wicked easy, and the other which will shred me into pieces, causing my brain to fall out. Take a guess as to which is which! Next semester I am registered to take a cell class, as well as Organic Chemistry II. After Orgo II next semester, I will officially be done with all the chemistry I need to graduate! What a fantastic feeling that will be! I hate chemistry so much.

My little sister is flying into Logan tonight! Heck Yea! I haven't seen her since July!
I have all kinds of BOSTON fun planned for her!

Those should all be on your "Boston Bucket List" if you ever come to visit!! This place is packed full of everything! 

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. I loved organic chem! It was one of my favorite classes. I hope your exams go well!

    1. Oh Ashley, I'm glad you loved orgo! I've been riding the struggle bus the entire semester! haha

  2. love that bunting tons!!!! :) and thank goodness we're having pizza tonight bc those pizza pics would've changed my mind if we were having something else!!! xx

    1. Elise, I am all about bunting! I have to have one hanging for every single holiday and event!! Hope you enjoyed your pizza night!

  3. I really like your organization! I got a label maker a few months ago and have used it a lot in my office but need to start using it around my house. Love homemade pizza, too! It's a completely different food than pizza out, in my opinion, but both are great!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I find myself labeling everything these days. It makes everything look so neat and tidy! ...and is so easy! :)


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