LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: The Friday Five!

The Friday Five!

06 December 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I have so much to share, that I figured… what better way than to link up with April, Christina, Natasha and Darci again!

21st Birthdays!
L and I celebrated our 21st birthdays this week! Twenty-one has got to be FUN! We drove back to Ohio for Thanksgiving and were able to renew out licenses and get our official ID's!
When we got back in Boston, I made him a scrumptious confetti cake, exchanged our gifts, and we went out to dinner at The Marliave, where we wined and dined like a King and Queen!

Okay guys! I have been having a serious pet withdrawal ever since I moved to Boston. 
No animals = a sad Kaylie.
I ended up taking Macy Cat back to Boston with me after break, and I love it!
She was so patient the entire 13hr+ car ride!

..and yes, she's a total city cat. All she does is sleep all day, so she's a happy cat.

On a totally random note, check out this awesome costume I picked up at TJ MAXX!

I die.

The Ice Skating rink in the Common has been up and running… and it is on my "Christmas To-Do" list.

My sister made these awesome stockings from old flannel shirts! I will have to have her guest post on them! How adorable!?

I'm a little late with my Advent calendar.. but it is almost completed! Basically, I have 25 fun Christmas activities to do each day of December! Stay tuned for the post!

 Have a fantastic weekend! 
I will leave you with this unedited picture of the tree at Faneuil Hall!

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