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Apartment Tour

16 June 2014

I'm excited to share with you, the humble abode that I have been living in for the past 10 months! While I realize I probably should have shown you months ago (ya know, August.. when I move in), I figured it was better late than never.
I believe I had the "I'm not done cleaning/decorating to show the reveal" mentality, so it never happened. But then again, it's constantly changing, so it would really never be completely "done".

So here we go!

I'm going to start you off with a few fun facts!

This was my first apartment! (Aside from the dorm life, and shacking up with the rents)

We scored a killer deal for the area where we are, considering we didn't even sign a lease until June which is pretty late in the game for an August 1st move in for the North End!

By killer deal I mean, it's not really a great deal, but it could have been way, WAY worse.

The unit is maybe 400 square feet.

We live on the top floor which has its benefits, and not so benefits. 
The pros: no loud stomping feet from above and an incredible leg workout more than twice a day.
The cons; heat rises! It's a "sweatfest" here, and I'm not too sure how productive our window unit is. 

The fire department makes weekly trips to our building. There has never been a fire. The building had recently installed all new fire alarms and since the rooms are so small, they were too close to everything the stove, and would randomly go off and would not stop. 
One time, being the concerned tenants that we are, wanted to make sure it was just a faulty alarm, opposed to a carbon monoxide alarm or some other warning. SO L called the non emergency line, told them it was not an emergency, and that we just wanted to make sure everything was okay... and low and behold, two huge trucks came plowing down our street, sirens and all. Bless their hearts. We were a tad embarrassed to say the least, but no worries. Nothing was wrong, just another faulty alarm. Sigh.

We live down wind of the BEST pizzeria in all of Boston (I'm a little bias). Woot Woot Regina's Pizzeria! So on a warm day when my windows are cracked, the pizzeria serves as the most delectable air freshener a girl could ask for. 

Our bathroom is the size of a coat closet, maybe 12 square feet. We quickly had to adjust to sitting on the toilet seat sideways, and not being able to move when in the shower. However, it is the most temperature regulated room in the apartment. Cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

When I say the bathroom is warm in the winter, that's because it's the ONLY room that we heat. Unfortunately, heating that small bathroom in the winter puts our electric bill at about $150, while last month (May) it was $35. I don't even want to think about it. BUT, we do have to keep the area somewhat heated so our pipes don't freeze.

Our fire escape gets us out of the building, but nowhere else. It's basically an extremely small and unsafe window balcony that goes to the neighbors. So I guess that if there was a fire, we would go out onto our "balcony", and wait for someone to air rescue us or come and get us with a cherry picker. Let's hope that never happens.

Our fridge and stove are mini versions, so we had to haul up another mini fridge to hold just our beverages.

We scored in the closet department! Our rooms may be 70 square feet, but we both have closets with sliding doors and added storage above the closet. That's RARE here.

We also have light dimmers and ceiling fans! AND we have the most beautiful exposed brick wall that I am in LOVE with!

My roommates room (bless her heart) looks directly into our neighbors living room. There's a big air chute that goes from the bottom all the way to the top of the building, and only the privileged get to be that close to their neighbor. Unfortunately for her, she does not have a pretty street view, or much air flow. She only has an ugly view of the exterior of a building and a view of Sam and Katy Ray's living room. 

If we would have renewed our lease, rent only would have gone up $50/month. However, if we didn't, they would increase the rent 13% for the next tenant! How can they do that!? It's the North End... and people will pay an arm and a leg to live here. I really need to invest!

So without further adieu, I give you... our beloved North End Apartment!

 My bedroom - A little boring, I know! That big boring, blank wall is pure brick/cement/rock. I can't get a nail, a screw, anything in there. It's certainly tenant proof!
Also, you may notice my bed sits unusually low to the floor. Unfortunately, the hallways up 4 flights of stairs are not wide enough to fit a box spring. So, I have a frame, a bunch of wood slats, and then my mattress! Buying a split or fold-able box spring is certainly on my list! My bureau is the largest piece of furniture either of us own, and getting it up those stairs was a challenge!

Our bathroom - I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic just looking at this picture. That's the shower, I'm standing in the doorway, and the sink is right next to me. 

Our living room - Ideally, I would have loved to have put a white or grey cover on that futon, and purchased an accent rug, however that never happened. :( 
This area consists of our futon, a cube storage piece from Target that we use to put the TV on, and our additional beverage fridge.

The kitchenette - Small, but cute. The counters are pretty roughed up, but the white and grey tie into the brick and wood floors nicely so I'm happy! Yea, no dishwasher. Hand washing those dishes for days.


My roommates room! Check out that beautiful view!

So there you have it! The grand tour of our ginormous 400 square foot home. 
It's cozy, and it's homey.
Honestly, I really only use it to eat, sleep, shower and to store my stuff so I can't be too picky!

As much as we have loved living here for the past 10 months, we did not renew our lease and will be moving out in August. I shed a small tear, as this was my FIRST apartment, and was home to many great memories of my first year in Boston.

But no worries, I will still be in Boston, and I will still be in the North End. I will just be moving one street over to a much busier, more active street. The new street that I am moving to has a great view, killer roof deck, central AC, crown molding, a real bathroom with a real bathtub, a dishwasher, a full size fridge and stove, gorgeous hard wood floors, stainless steel and granite, and twice as much living space. Score! Can't complain about an upgrade, and extremely fortunate to have found this place.

I've very excited about the move, and have already begun thinking up interior design plans, and have picked up a few decorating accessories! 

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