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24 August 2014

Now that this place is filled and beginning to look like a home I thought that I would touch base with you and give you an updated tour. A couple weeks ago I left you with this - an empty skeleton.
Here's how things have been looking lately now that we have furniture, wall hangings and a cat in there!
There's nothing much here, and all we've done so far is lay down a rug.
I think that in the future, we may possible hang some cute hooks for umbrellas and jackets on one of those walls by the door.
Kitchenette/Dining area
We hung my beloved framed ski mountains, filled our cabinets, and plopped down a table and chairs. I used to have a small counter-height table with bar stools, but according to my father it was not comfortable or large enough for card playing, so he upgraded us with this four person round table with expandable leaves. Thanks Dad!
I do love that we have a larger table now, however it's a little roughed up. I think I'm going to reupholster the chair seats, paint the chairs, and possibly sand down the tabletop and re-stain it. We also need to lay down rugs under the table and against the cabinets, as well as maybe find some more wall art. I'd also like to see a cabinet of some sort against the wall underneath the ski mountains to help store some more food/dishes.
Living Room
While it's still very open concept, and attached to the kitchenette area like in the old apartment, it is nice to be able to carry on a conversation with someone while sitting down at the table. So far, this room has made the least amount of progress. We are temporarily using an old bookshelf to house all of our DVDs, and hold the TV. I really dislike how you can see that eclectic mixture of everything. We also have the old futon hanging out in this room and it's just awkward. If I could, I would ditch the futon and pick up some of these KARLSTAD sofa's in Isunda gray. However, I know that's not going to happen because we are going to work with what we already have.
Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to suck it up and buy a futon cover that makes this big, dark blob blend in a little better with the bright room. I also need to find a rug to put in this room, as well as an entertainment center that is easy on the eyes and hides everything with drawers. I want to put a big fern in the corner of the room to bring in some bright color, as well as hang white Ikea frames above the TV. In a perfect world I would add a slipper chair of some sort to accommodate more people but I don't know if that's going to happen. We're very limited on space. It would also be nice to have an ottoman or coffee table of some sort, if it fits of course! Because none of these rooms have any ceiling fixtures, we may need to invest in a few more lamps as well. We would also like to potentially see some curtains hung in here - maybe.
Master Bedroom
This room has made the most progress thus far thanks in large part to our new bureaus that we picked up for half price! Yay Craigslist! We moved in L's beloved desk which currently houses a ton of office supplies and junk, as well as my attempted wing back chair project. More on that later. The lamp was given to me when I bought my mirror, and I found the headboard with a free sign right outside of my old building, score! It also just so conveniently happened to match our bureaus. The wooden nightstand was a handmade treasure built by L so we found a spot for it next to the bed. The retro Coors sign is an oldie but a goodie that was given to me when I left my Applebee's job in Ohio over a year ago. 
We have yet to pick out a floor rug for this room, as well as some matching nightstands and lamps. We would like to get some sort of closed shelving unit to house a printer and our books as well as maybe a new chair or ottoman for under the curved window. We would also like to potentially see some curtains hung in here as well. Did I mention we need a box spring as well?
Master Bathroom
The bathroom is pretty much where it's at. I want to keep it simple, clean and white. With that said, if I put too much in there, it will look too busy and cluttered. So far I have just filled it with white spa like towels, and small pops of color. 
I may add some wall hangings on the wall that is directly across from the toilet, but that is about all that I can see happening in there right now.
Second Bedroom/Office
This room is pretty empty right now. There's not really a difference aside from the boxes upon boxes so I'll leave you with this clean slate. Let your creative juices flow! All we have going on in there right now is a bed and a bureau with a TV.

In the future, this room will have a Boston theme with framed Bruins posters, black furniture, and lighter accents in the bed comforter and frames. The colors are going to be based around a black and white color palette with pops of bright gold/yellow for the Bruins.
Second Bathroom
Same with this room, it's just not quite there yet. This is the ONLY room in the apartment without natural light so we are trying to decide what the best color scheme for it would be. While the white floor and wall tile brighten it up, and the mirrors enlarge it, we don't know if we should do bright spring colors, or maybe work with a blue color palette to bring more darker shades to the already very bright apartment.
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