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28 August 2014

I'm in the process of picking out floor rugs for the new apartment and have been slightly disheartened by how much they cost! Who knew that something that lies on the floor, gets filthy and has absolutely no resale value can be so darn expensive!?

For me, floor rugs are a great way to pull a room together design-wise, protect the floors and also minimize noise and stomping for our neighbor below us. In our addendum, it states that 70% of the floors need to be covered with rugs for just those reasons, aside from reason number one. I don't think they care how stylized the apartment looks... or do they?

With that said, Rugs USA is hosting a HUGE Labor Day sale with up to 70% and 80% off of their selection of rugs! You are literally getting quality rugs for a FRACTION of the original price.

Check out my rug crushes!

...the Maui Jute Rug.

While jute is easy to stain and is known to smell when first purchased, I overlooked those flaws and fell hard for this beauty! With a beige trim, and lighter accents this baby is going to shine brightly in our living room (or dining area if I decide to move it in the future). 
The material looks rough, but it really isn't! I was checking out rugs in target the other day and the jute rugs that they had there were very smooth.
I ordered a 5' by 8' which was originally $196, however with the sale it was $59!

...the Brilliance Monotone Cotton Flatwoven Rug.

I love the simplicity of this rug. Whether I opt for the sleet or the white color, I think I'll be happy either way. Here's a little side-by-side action.

The white is white. As in, dirt will show, will have to clean often, and it's going to be a lot of upkeep. I can see myself putting the white rug in a room that does not get a lot of traffic, however living in a small apartment means that every nook and cranny and extra ounce of space is going to get used resulting in all of the rooms being highly functional and often used.

I like the sleet color, however I'm slightly worried it will make a room look darker and smaller than it really is. We are very fortunate to have an apartment with 10 windows that drench the place with sunlight at all hours of the day. The rooms also have very light features including white trim, white walls, and light doors. Maybe (because our duvet is white as well) I can put the sleet colored rug in the bedroom to play off all of the bright and light colors, and also incorporate some navy to blend it in with the rest of the theme of the apartment. Not to mention, the darker color will help hide any potential dirt or stains that may hopefully not happen.

Here are the prices:
5' x 8' is usually $260, however with the sale it is $78!
8' x 10' is usually $519, however with the sale it is $156!

I'm on the fence as to get the 8' x 10', or to keep it small and get the 5' x 8'. Thoughts?

...the Chalet Herringbone Cotton Woven Rug.

I'm crazy in love with this pattern, and originally was very close to buying the same patterned rug from Dash and Albert.

 I thought it would be fun to put a navy Herringbone rug in the bedroom, however after reading reviews, this "navy" version is actually more closer to cobalt blue. Cobalt blue is not really the blue that I've been working with in the apartment. I do however like the grey a lot. It's a little busy, and has a lot going on... but it can definitely add a really fun and swanky element to any room!

5' x 8' is usually $163, however with the sale it is $49!

Be sure to swing by Rugs USA to grab some Labor Day steals. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new and beloved floor pieces!
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