LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Fiddle Leaf Fig Love

Fiddle Leaf Fig Love

26 September 2014

This may sound like the most ridiculous post ever (because it is)... but this is the story about a girl who bought a baby Fiddle Leaf Fig. 
I originally wanted to start with a big 6ft one, but figured I had absolutely no way of getting one of those home safely. So plan B was to buy a baby one, have it shipped to me, and grow it myself! Fun times. Well, it just arrived about a week ago, and thus far it is adorable.
I'm no plant master, but from the articles that I've read, they say that in order to keep it alive... keep it in indirect sunlight, only water it when the soil is dry to the touch, etc., etc...
...and here's a ridiculous picture of me showing you how big it is.

Although the picture is misleading, the plant is currently about 1 ft. tall, and has 14 leaves.

I'm ready for this sucker to grow!

Update: Me, being an idiot poured fruit juice into the pot to see what would happen. A leaf fell off.

Update (04.28.15): My tree is down to 8 leaves. sigh. It survived the winter, however when I tried to repot it, all of the leaves turned yellow and about 5 of them fell off. 
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