29 September 2014

It is officially fall here. The weather is cool, long sleeves are being worn, and the AC is off.
My baby Fiddle Leaf fig arrived! 1 foot tall and ready to grow! 
 I finally stopped procrastinating and scheduled an appointment to go take my real estate exam. Officially licensed!

It's definitely Fall in my books, there has been a lot of this business going on.

I just got around to ordering an accent table and TV stand for our living room. So long to that black makeshift bookshelf! Just kidding, we're still keeping it - bar cart! However, with the wheels starting to turn there, I'll give you a hint as to what the theme will be!

 And how about this rooftop view for a quiet night and unwind time.

Both L and I had Sunday off, so we hopped on the train up to North Shore and played around in Ipswich all day. We met my dad at the station, and all three of us indulged in some serious wine tasting and ice cream eating business at Russell Orchards. I'd say we picked apples, but we didn't. That was the game plan, but we weren't really in the mood to take an overly crowded wagon ride out to the orchard in 80+ degree weather to pick overpriced fruit, so we stopped at Hannaford on the way back into Boston and picked up some 33 cent apples for apple crisp. Lame? Maybe a little.

After the Orchard, we headed over to Crane Beach to get our last beach fix in before we get back into our normal weather (I have no idea what all this 80+ degree weather business was all about). Beautiful beach, freezing water. Crane Estate had a wedding going on at the castle so we weren't really supposed to go up there, however one walking trail led to another, which led us to the castle. Big and beautiful!

Happy Monday!
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