LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Nightstands!


10 September 2014

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by all of the bright and white furniture, bedding and walls, we decided to splurge on a light grey floor rug, and throw in some pops of navy to break things up! I'm not one to have a lot of mismatching furniture, however there was just too much white going on. We chose navy nightstands because they played off of the navy throw pillows and other decorations well, and offset all of the white. 
We ordered these adorable nightstands from Target. They shipped quickly, and were very easy to assemble.

 We liked these ones best thanks to the huge amount of storage that they offer, they were a little taller in height, and they had a door that can hide it all. We're considering putting decorative paper on the other side so that all of our junk can't shine through.

I love the navy and white!

Next up! We desperately need to get a boxspring on that bed!
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