LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

03 October 2014

My week in a nutshell!
To start things out for you, I'll give you a quick peek at the practically finished living room. The theme of this room that I had envisioned was "natural", so I threw together a bunch of textured acadia wood frames that would pull the different shades of oak from the door, window frames, and floors all together. The accent table is from Target's "White and Gold" fall line, and the TV stand is from Target as well. of course. And yes, I bought that accent table specifically for my baby fiddle leaf fig.
I promise that one day, someday I will upload a much better photo for you. But sun hasn't shone in this neighborhood in 4 days! So much rain.

So now you're probably not wondering what we did with the old makeshift bookshelf that we temporarily used to house all of our DVDs/hold the TV. Well that sucker went into the kitchen and is going to serve as a bar cart, er.. shelf. As much as I desperately need a beautiful gold bar cart with wheels in my life... like this one... I may have to hold off on that purchase until I have a little more than 800 square feet to work with. However, there is a serious problem... some of my wine and booze are too tall for the shelf. I may just have to drink them all and repurchase stuff in bottles that are no taller than 11 inches. Anyways... I would love input and inspiration pictures from all of you bar cart decorating goddesses. I want it to look clean and crisp, minimal clutter, yet very inviting. So inviting that I will want to pour myself a drink every day.
P.S. Don't mind that chevron basket of TV cords. I'm running out of space!
I may or may not have just found my favorite t-shirt of the year. It's comfy, it's a tee, and it's also so versatile. This is the kind of shirt that you can roll up into a ball and throw into your bureau and then wear the next day. I'm a strong believer in quality over quantity, and this extremely comfortable t-shirt makes the list. I'm this close (picture me squinting my eye with a small space between my thumb and pointer finger) to pulling the trigger on another one just in a different color. What can't you wear this with? (Besides a dress.. you probably wouldn't want to wear this with a dress).
P.S. I would probably let this air dry, I put it in the dryer last night and it's feeling a little shorter today.

Who here has ever been to Max Brenner? It's basically a big chocolate emporium with a menu that is full of everything chocolate. You go there when you're feeling happy, excited, hungry, sad, stressed. I went there three times during the week that I was moving in July/August, if that's any indication as to how happy or stressed I was. When we were there, we picked up these oh so cute milkshake glasses with retro metal straws... however I have yet to fill them with anything milkshakey. Any favorite recipes you care to share?

If you're in the market for a pair of fall booties, knee high, riders,  anything and don't want to break the bank I highly recommend Urban Og. I bought a pair of knee highs from them last season and wore them religiously day in and day out. The ones I bought were lined with flannel, had adjustable straps, and didn't scuff not once. For what you're paying, and for the quality of boot that you're getting I definitely think it's a steal of a deal!
Enjoy you weekend!
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