14 November 2014

It came to my attention that I was a no-reply blogger and have been for basically my entire blogging career. Blogger fail. I always wondered how everyone had the blogger profile page and how I got stuck with Google+... well things have changed people! Thanks to the wonderful Samantha over at It's all in the details she shot me an email directing be over to Sarah's site where she walks you through step by step on how to fix no-reply bloggers caused by Google+. Thank goodness.. I am now in the blogging 21st century! Google+ just go away. Thanks Samantha and Sarah! 
Check it out... I'm cool now.

We had out "Friendsgiving" dinner the other night complete with a pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, rolls and a disgusting and less than sweet pumpkin pie.
I once again rented a zipcar and had another traumatic episode of driving in the city. What should have been a 10 minute trip from the North End to Cambridge took 40 minutes. FORTY MINUTES! I had my brother and L navigating for me in the back seat and seem to remember some tears and other demands... "I have an idea, why don't you two grow some brain cells and use them to help me get to Cambridge". I really am a pleasant person. The stress of driving a car I don't know on streets I don't know in a high traffic area at night clearly is a stressful situation for me. The sad part is... I can find my way around the city on foot or public transpo by the back of my hand... but the second you put me behind a wheel, all hell breaks loose and the tears start to flow. So embarrassing.
So to follow up with the above story, I went to Cambridge to pick up the IKEA Aneboda wardrobe. It's the perfect size to stash away all of our junk not to mention it matches the rest of our extremely white room. As you can see I was Captain Helpful the official photographer for this exciting event. 


I love the height that it brings to the room as well! 

Natasha posted this list last week, and I instantly printed it out and have revamped my gift planning. I'm getting there - about 30% done!

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend and stays warm, we're playing with the 30's today! Brr!
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  1. Awww- love your list and that pot roast looks amazing. Following from five on Friday link up.

  2. Stopping by from the link-up, I had no idea Google+ was the cause of the no-reply thing. Luckily I switched to the old Blogger awhile ago or I would have never known either! It always makes me sad when I can't respond to people's sweet comments! Your wardrobe is awesome too! I need to check out Natasha's list too.

  3. I love the new wardrobe! It looks great situated between the two windows.

  4. Yay for no longer being a no-reply blogger! If no one ever tells you, you never know. So glad you got it straightened out.
    And that wardrobe looks really good!

  5. That wardrobe! I love it! It looks so great in your room. And I was a no reply blogger AND had captcha for so long and didn't know it either - thank goodness those days are over!

  6. I love friendsgiving! Yum! And zipcar sounds great, but I would be intimidated driving in the city as well! But your new wardrobe looks fab!

  7. Girlllllll, I'm pretty sure we were a no reply blogger in the beginning!! So glad to chat with ya now! :) :)


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