LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Hello, Friday.

Hello, Friday.

21 November 2014

Hey Friday! You came quickly!
L's family is flying in from Ohio today for a fun weekend of visits! Coming from the midwest, they're not too into the city scene, and will be heading up to North Conway to play in that wonderful and amazing town over the weekend! Everybody loves North Conway.
This week wasn't very eventful at all. at all.
As I browse through my photo album, one of the more eventful activities this week was the reproduction of this amazing throwback snack! Dunkaroo dip! I really, really needed something to quench my sweet tooth hunger yesterday, and this incredibly easy snack was the perfect fit!
I sent some bears swimming in a pool of raspberry vodka dreams last night. They're currently hanging ten in the refrigerator soaking up every last ounce and looking fairly plump! 
Besides a little photo shoot of the cat (which I'll spare everyone from - except for one magazine worthy shot)... that's about everything that I have documented in the nifty iPhone for this week. PA-THE-TIC. I know.
model material. #crazycatlady
In other news, I came across this chic console table. I love the patchwork and the simplicity of it. Maybe one day when I have more floor space I can fill my place with fun stuff like this!
I know I already shared with you my Christmas list, but how fun is this hello apparel sweatshirt. I love how they paired it with buffalo check leggings!
I spoke with the owner of the store where I will be buying my Christmas tree, and he said that he will have them out the day after Thanksgiving! Whew! Don't you just love how I end up gearing every post towards Christmas? I can't help it!
Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!
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  1. That is so funny that you mention dunkaroos, because I was just thinking about them the other day and how they were the best snack ever! They need to bring those back ;).

  2. OHMYGOD totalyl forgot about dunkaroos, THEY ARE AMAZING


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