LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Hiked it, Liked it!

Hiked it, Liked it!

20 October 2015

Over three years ago while hiking in the White Mountains with my mom and sister, we stopped by the Pinkham Notch visitors center, and I found myself really wanting to buy an "I hiked Mount Washington" bumper sticker? So random, but I wanted one. Hiking it that week wasn't in the picture since it was only May (and I may have been a wimpy kitty baby whiner when it came to hiking) and the summit was still covered in snow. I added it to my 30 x 30 list, and was determined to hike that beautiful and rigorous mountain some day! This past March, Dad and I hiked up the first 2.4 miles of Tuckerman Ravine, and ended up turning around at the caretakers cabin. Thanks to this most recent three day weekend (last week), Mom, Dad, and I were able to coordinate a trip up North to hike and play in the mountains.

Arriving approximately two hours later than we should have, we started our hike at the Pinkham Notch visitors center around 10:30 am (yes, an absolutely terrible time to start a 9+ hour hike). Beginning on the Tuckerman Ravine trail, we went up the South side of the ravine and took the Boott Spurr trail (5.4 miles), which starts in the woods, and then eventually opens up to gorgeous views above the tree line. 

We stopped at a lookout that features quite possibly the most beautiful views of Tuckerman Ravine. Opposite of this, we also scored a gorgeous view of Wildcat mountain! After our mini stop, we continued to climb up to a point where we were officially above the tree line -- what an incredible experience! As the elevation (and we) climbed, we eventually reached the top of Boott Spur, which led us to the Lawn around Mount Washington. This somewhat flatter terrain was much appreciated as we continued on our route! 

The size of some of these cairns was insane!

All in all, it took us around five hours to hike up to the summit, including breaks and lunch. It was extremely clear at the top and offered miles of views. Surprisingly, it wasn't too chilly, however we did throw on some extra layers. We explored the museum and the tip-top house, and then found ourselves noshing on some delicious pizza in the cafeteria. I really, really wanted to take a picture with the summit sign, however, there was a line to Jupiter of people waiting (busy weekend!), and we had to start our hike back down to get in as much day hiking as possible. So this pretty picture in front of the Cog Railway will have to do (:

Descending the mountain, as expected, was quite a bit more difficult. All of the trails are completely rock, and very steep! We originally planned to take Lion's Head down, but decided last minute that Tuckerman Ravine (4.1 miles) would be a better option due to the lack of daylight. Hiking down the bowl was tricky, however once we hit the tree line, it flattened out a little making it much less rigorous.

We did eventually run out of sunlight and hiked the last hour and a half (2.4 miles) in the dark back to Pinkham's notch. All in all it took us 3.5 hours to descend.

Fortunately, we hit the jackpot when it came to weather. Known as the most dangerous small mountain, it isn't uncommon for weather to drastically change leaving hikers in a lurch. Thankfully, it was a sunny, comfortable, and clear 55 degree day, possibly being one of the best days all year to hike.

If you're sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if I bought my bumper sticker, the answer is yet - I DID get my "I CLIMBED MT. WASHINGTON" bumper sticker immediately afterwards to add to the car that I don't have anymore because we live in the city now ;)

P.S. Laugh all you want, but I wore my run swiftly long sleeves top, and bottoms the ENTIRE time and was EXTREMELY comfortable. I know it's not your ideal hiking attire, but it's all I had and it was the bomb when it came to quick dry and not chafing or smelling.


  1. The views are really spectacular! Looks like an awesome hike! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Congratulations!! The views are gorgeous and it's always the best feeling to check something you've been wanting to do off the list!

  3. Seriously, what a gorgeous setting!! Looks like an amazing experience!

  4. haha I love the title of this post! Good job!! Things like that are so fun and you feel so good afterward. Totally worth your legs burning all the way up :)


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