LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Macy Cat knows best!

Macy Cat knows best!

14 October 2015

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I know that this probably goes without saying, but if you haven't figured it out by now, I am in the beginning stages of becoming a crazy cat lady. While I only have one, Macy Cat rules this kingdom and really, truly is our fur-child. As we creep up to our two year "Macyversary" since we adopted her, it only seems appropriate to put the spotlight on her for once the 300th time. So get your notepads out and get ready to take some exciting notes on our recent experience with Purina Muse Natural Cat Food!

While you may not be able to tell by her "extra fluffy" looking appearance she may go down in history as one of the pickiest eaters known to cat-kind. She refuses to eat anything and everything that we give to her, including broccoli, candy, ice cream, spam, etc. I kid! But really, this princess does turn her nose up to a lot of tasty, cat appropriate, treats. She makes it very clear to us that she will only eat cat food and cat food only (so long as it's not diet food, generic, triangle shaped...this chick won't even eat shredded cheese!? -sometimes I doubt if she really is a cat).
While she has made it very clear that she will only eat cat food (in all fairness, she is a cat), I felt inspired by her picky palette to put her tastebuds to the test and offer her the ultimate challenge - the cat food challenge!

While shopping for munchies for Macy Cat, it took an incredible amount of self control to prevent myself from walking out of PetSmart with another kitty, a jazzy new collar, all the catnip toys, and a new Halloween costume for her. Nonetheless, I made it out with no extra fur-children and practically every single flavor of cat chow that Muse offered. No, I couldn't pick just three or four, I came home with six, and then another three. Exclusively available at PetSmart, Purina Muse was easy to locate, situated on the corner of the natural cat food aisle making it easy to spot when browsing by. 

Excited by the abundant amount of flavors, I settled on just six!

While on the train ride home, I kept thinking of ways I could put Macy Cat to the challenge, and ultimately decided on setting up a buffet of food for her to choose from. I filled three bowls up, all with a separate type and brand of cat food. 
  • Bowl #1 was filled with your typical dry cat food.
  • Bowl #2 was filled with Purina Muse natural cat food.
  • Bowl #3 was filled with a moist/wet cat food. 
Macy Cat, being the healthy girl that she was born to be, of course went for the food with the most natural nutrition, and licked her plate clean! She barely glanced at the dry cat food, and didn't even give the wet cat food the time of day. I now know what's on the menu for dinner, grocery shopping for her just got a heck of a lot easier!

I'm no cat food scientist of any kind, and I certainly don't speak cat, so I can't tell you the exact reasoning behind her choice... however I do know that the natural product has more flavor, which is what made it a tastier choice. It is also grain free, with no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Not to mention, it is made up of real fish and poultry! Win, win! With Muse you don't have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. Your cat can have both when you choose Muse.  

What a delicious, and quality dinner for her! She licked her plate clean and is ready for round two!

"Natural has never been so delicious. Put Muse to the test with our clean plate guarantee." 

Use this coupon to buy three and receive three free (try saying that three times fast!), I'd love to see which flavor your fur-child goes crazy for!

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  1. Macy Cat is so cute!! We're glad she liked Purina Muse®. Thanks #client


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