LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Holiday Decorating Traditions

Holiday Decorating Traditions

13 December 2015

Tis the season, friends! L has a strict rule that we are not allowed to decorate until after Thanksgiving, so once we made it back to the city on the 30th, we went straight to Prince Postale to pick out our little North End tree! We splurged on the most adorable little six footer, and began some of our favorite Christmas decorating traditions! Aside from the traditional tree, lights, and wreaths... we have a handful of more momentous decorations that we love to display as well!


Framing and displaying our holiday cards quickly became a favorite when we started sending out holiday cards last year. While we only have two right now, I've purchased a plethora of frames and am excited to add to the collection down the line to see how we grow year after year! Each Christmas when I unpack them I get all giddy inside - it is hands down always THAT exciting!

This year, Tiny Prints kindly sent us another fun batch of holiday cards that we sent to our loved ones and I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out! I had every intention of photoshopping Macy Cat in, however when that went awry, we settled on this headshot of just the two of us and picked out the card that offered the most sparkles! Check out our 2014 cards here!


We have the cutest Christmas in the City ornament shop located at Faneuil hall that is packed full of every ornament imaginable year round! We make it a point to swing by that shop sometime around the Christmas season to pick out a special new ornament together that we can hang on our tree!

Filled with every single ornament that could ever exist, we decided to go with a marshmallow man ornament noshing on a cookie and milk this year! Last year L's dad gave us this cute raccoon, and the year before that we bought a Red Sox ornament to celebrate their world series win!


When it comes to our advent calendar we use a compilation of pictures from the past six years that are numbered 1 through 25. Originally adapted from my older sister, each day of December we flip a photo over until we reach Christmas!!


We love receiving anything in the mail that isn't a bill and look forward to the holiday cards that come our way (don't mind the birthday cards, L and I both have birthdays in December as well)! I made this wine cork board last year that we hang up to display our incoming holiday mail! Having the cards out on display is such a fun and sentimental way to keep our loved ones in mind during the season!!

 What are your favorite holiday decorating traditions?
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  1. What great traditions! And that wine cork board is awesome!

  2. Those are awesome traditions - I love the idea of framing past Christmas cards... so cute. We do the new ornament tradition too, one I absolutely love. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I love the idea of framing your Christmas card! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Love your Christmas cards!! Great idea to frame them - this is our first year doing a real one so I'm going to steal that :)

  5. We frame our holiday cards too and I LOVE looking back at them each year!

  6. Your cards are so perfect! I need to display our old cards, because that is SUCH a cute idea :)

  7. We frame our past Christmas cards, too, and I love unpacking them!! This is our first year in our new house, so I am still figuring out the advent calendar and card displays....decisions, decisions!!


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