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Weekend Life and Links

27 December 2015

Christmas Day spent playing at the beach with the crew on our 60 degree Christmas day!

HELLO!! I hope everyone had a very merry, MERRY Christmas! 
I've been spending my time in Maine for the past couple days and have put myself into a serious food coma. Many thanks to the gallons of chocolate milk and sweets that have been on hand! I still have Christmas in my system and wanted to share a few things that may keep you stoked!

  • I'm a collector of containers and love to keep everything tucked away in an organized fashion. As we start to de-Christmas our apartment, we love using these sterilite containers for storing our special ornaments and other Christmas-y things. All of these containers get tossed into my beloved watertight trunks!

  • The Christmas stockings that we currently use aren't that special to us (I think we bought them from Lowes's?), which is why I'm looking into getting some pretty needlepoint ones that will last us a lifetime! It's no surprise here that I've got my heart set on these pretty ones from L. L. Bean!

  • After reading Jessica's Christmas recap post, I've decided that I need lettered cookies cutters so that I can make Christmas cookies that look as cute as hers!

  • I would love to host a Christmas cookie exchange some year and I think it's mostly because I want it to look this perfect and also because I want to send everyone home with these tins filled with cookies!

  • Last but not least, can I have a fireplace just to display these adorable ceramic houses? So classic, so cute, and from One King's Lane... does it get any better?? I'm sure I can find a spot in my humble abode to display these somewhere!! (:

I hope everyone had the best Christmas and are having fun gearing up for the New Year!!
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  1. Your Christmas sounds so fun! I need some cute stockings too. I love the ones from Anthropologie but good gracious they are so expensive. And yeah.. those cookies on LBG are so cute!


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