LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Health and Wellness Panner

Health and Wellness Panner

29 December 2015

I'm really stinkin' excited to get this planner live for everyone today! With the new year right around the corner, I for one am definitely someone who likes to set small resolutions here and there, one of which is to continue to make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. I thought it would be fun to add a health and wellness planner to my Etsy shop that I can reference to throughout the year to keep me motivated.

With my primary intention being to help keep me on track by working out, eating appropriately, and tracking my progress I have condensed most of my ideas into six EASY pages that make living a healthy lifestyle fun and ORGANIZED!

Page 1 - Measurements and Goals
The sole purpose of this page is to set a large goal (whether it be fitness related or not, who cares?), accompanied by a handful of smaller goals that you would like to see happen. Remember, a goal without a deadline is a dream so MAKE SURE YOU SET AN END DATE! Once you meet your BIG goal, print off another copy of this page and set ANOTHER attainable goal! There is also a section towards the bottom of the page where you can take measurements before and after if that is something you are interested in recording!

Page 2 - Workout Schedule
When I have something written down in front of my face, I am 10 times more likely to actually do it! This schedule is designed for 7 days at a time where you can record the type of exercise you will be doing each day, an area to jot down the kind of workout that you completed, the number of hours of sleep you got that night (sleep IS SO IMPORTANT), as well as a water bottle checklist to keep you on track with your water intake. After you complete a week, save the sheet so that you can reference back to it later on!

Page 3 - Meal Plan
Eating right and consuming appropriate proportions is KEY to feeling your best. When you have your meal plan written out for you in advance, and your groceries in check you will feel motivated to stick to that plan!

Page 4 - Monthly Dinners
This page is for the super organizer in you. Feel on top of the world with every single dinner for the entire month planned out beforehand. It will do wonders.

Page 5 - Progress Report
One of my favorite pages, the progress report was designed to track where you are in terms of weight. Record your Current weight and goal weight on the y-axis, and the week on the x-axis. This is a fun way to connect the dots and track the progress of your journey. Sometimes having it drawn out in front of you (literally) is the best dose of motivation you can get!

Page 6 - Recipes
Having your healthiest recipes separated and on hand helps to influence your mind to make the right dinner decision. Keep them on this page, or cut them out... it's up to you! It's also incredibly easy to snap a picture of the finished meal and tape it onto the back!

I hope you enjoy this planner as much as I enjoyed creating it! I have this listed for sale in my Etsy shop for $3, however LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT readers can receiver 50% off through the end of 2015 with the code LIFEASYOULIVEIT2015.

Thank you and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!
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  1. This is so cool! I'm going to download it right now! I have been trying so hard to get on a schedule, so I hope I can stick to it a little better if I write it all down!


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