LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: LOVE Coupons for Valentine's Day!

LOVE Coupons for Valentine's Day!

25 January 2016

The day of love is right around the corner and will be here before you know it! I asked L last night what he wanted to do for Valentine's Day, however we ended up shaking our hands and laughing... after all, we end up working every. single. valentines day anyways. What can ya do? We usually like to enjoy some yummy Italian cuisine in the North End (L'Osteria is one of my favorites!) and have a movie night afterwards! It's the best and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Needless to say, per our conversation on the topic last night, I felt inspired to put together a fun book of LOVE COUPONS to add to my Etsy shop. Homemade gifts are always the most meaningful, and this felt like a fun way for people to distribute something special to your special someone! 

I included a front page and back page for the book, as well as a page of additional blank coupons for you to personalize. Don't worry! All of the coupons are very PG and offer a fun pink ombre theme.
I ended up printing mine on shiny card stock paper (the pictures do not do this paper justice) and bound them all together with some twine!

Check out my ETSY SHOP here and some other ROTATING FREE PRINTABLES here.

What kind of fun DIY Valentine's Day gifts do you have up your sleeve for your significant other?
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