13 February 2016

It almost completely slipped my mind, however I am reminded every day before Valentine's Day that another year is in the books for this little blog of mine!


I created this blog back in 2013 as a creative outlet for my DIY projects and can't believe the growth that it has had over the past couple years. Never would I have thought that I would still be typing away sharing my two cents, have a post go viral, or start my own little Etsy shop. The ever growing plans and opportunities that are ahead of any and every blogger are unlimited and it truly is very exciting to think about.

The first post that I ever published was my "FUN DIY VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT FOR HIM" project that I had put together as a gift for L. A rookie at best, I only included one picture (which was of the final project), and a little blurb about it. I look back and smile because it truly was a labor of love, and then a little bit more love to put it up on the blog. Maybe someday I will filter through my older posts and update them with better pictures, especially the ones that get a lot of pageviews.

I'm a big list maker and goal setter, so it only seemed appropriate to pull together four goals to hopefully see myself reach by year #4!

  1. Post at least ten times a month - this probably seems like a small number to some, however, when the creative juices aren't flowing, I'm on the struggle bus and have to really focus to pull together a publish worthy post. I feel as though ten is a good, consistent number that is very attainable. I don't care if it's ten posts in a row, or 2-3 posts a week... it's happening! (:
  2. Move to .com - It's been three years and I am still riding the train. I know, somebody needs to cut the cord! Honestly, I'm in a little bit of a pickle because is already being used and I'm not quite sure what other domain name I could use without detaching myself too much from "the brand". I've thought about completely rebranding the entire blog but have started to think that that may not be the best option as I feel as though LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT encapsulates the content of this blog really well. What are your thoughts with .org? Does anyone use it for their blog?
  3. Double the pageviews that I had in December - I feel as though this goes hand in hand with the "post at least ten times a month" goal. I'd like to think that it is not all about the numbers, however it is one of the best ways to measure your progress. I did not start tracking my stats and using google analytics until September of 2015. Out of the three years I've had this, only 5 months of them I have tracked and recorded this kind of information. I don't know why I didn't reference to that information earlier, however I sure am glad that I do now! I look at the numbers that I had in December of 2015 and hope that I am able to double that by December of 2016!
  4. Design 10 for items for my Etsy shop - I consider my Etsy shop and the blog as one entity, and would love to see these grow together. I try my hardest to design a new product for the shop every month and have a handful of ideas up my sleeve. I want to make sure I am continually contributing to this little shop so that it can continue to grow!

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support! Have a happy, happy VALENTINE'S DAY tomorrow! (:
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  1. Happy Blogiversary!! 3 years is so exciting! I had never read your viral post before but i loved it!


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