LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!

06 April 2016

I am so very, very happy to announce that after six and a half years with my high school sweetie pie, we are engaged!! L asked me to marry him a couple weeks ago while we were spending some days up in North Conway and I am STILL on cloud 9! 

Our intentions were to hit the slopes, however the whole week it had been overcast and rainy forcing us into more activities indoors like shopping the outlets and eating (no complaints here!). The last day we got extremely lucky and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside! We opted to hike Cathedral Ledge (a trail I had never hiked before, but L had) which offers beautiful views over North Conway and the mountains. We took a less "traveled" trail and found a small ledge, with a view, tucked away from the road. While I was looking out over the ledge checking out Mount Cranmore, L called my name and I turned around to see him down on one knee with a beautiful ring!

To say I was shocked is an understatement, as he truly had caught me by surprise. We have so many big changes and expenses coming our way (graduation, we both have to buy cars, probably moving, potentially buying a house/land -- I'll touch on all of those later) that I certainly was not expecting anything for awhile. Nonetheless, I was floored and said YES after staring at him for a few seconds in shock! SHOCK, I tell ya!

After I hung my phone up in a tree to get a million selfies, L and I found rocks and carved "L + K engaged 03-16-16" into a tree nearby. I'm aware that this is not nature friendly at all (I already got the side eye from my mother), so if you are ever hiking Cathedral Ledge and see a dead tree hanging off the side... that's our love tree! I'm sorry tree!

He has had the ring since January and had done an excellent good job at keeping it hidden from me. He picked it out while he was visiting family over Christmas and had it adjusted a little so that it included both of our birthstones (December) and matched another ring that he got me six years ago. I LOVE the stones next to the diamond!

So. Wedding planning will not really start until after the summer is over and we have a chance to sit down and discuss important details like the date, location, venue, etc... but in the meantime, I did think of a hashtag that I am mighty proud of.


Follow along! It will be a truckload of fun (:

Now I have enough motivation to finish the wedding planner that I have been working on forever!

I guess we can put this in the books for the first official Wedding Wednesday!! (:

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  1. YAY!!!! I was waiting to see your announcement post! Im so happy for you guys!! Congratulations! I cant wait to see all of your wedding planning stuff!

  2. awe, Congrats Kaylie! I am sure, you will have some wedding-planning posts coming up soon!



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