31 March 2016

I started posting these "view through my lens" posts last year to help recap each month through my iPhone shots to keep random snapshots saved and easy to find.

Because I didn't learn the first time, I had a fun time dealing with computer disaster 2.0 in early March. Thank goodness everything is up and running again! My best advice... BACK EVERYTHING UP!

Got in the mood for a little traveling, so I put together a lust list of destinations I would love to visit, as well my tips on saving cash when traveling!

Celebrated St. Patty's day with my favorite sugar cookie recipe ever! So easy to make as well!

Took the train to Dover for a little weekend getaway in New Hampshire! Oh, how I love it there!

Feeling like we're 16 and in high school again -- L and I explored beautiful NH together in L's car from high school! We stayed up in North Conway, shopped and hiked! My kind of trip! I will write a recap post in April! (:

Came home from NH to a fun little puzzle that I bought from L.L. Bean! I love everything that store sells!

Packed up for another ski trip in New Hampshire with my favorite girl in tow! Kidding, I think she would have loved it though! ;)

Squashing sisters on the mountain!

What a beautiful view!

Our first time ever riding in a gondola! It's the little things.

I have never fallen so much before. Crash, boom, splat. I don't know what was up!

Beautiful ski day, at a beautiful mountain!

Big things happening as to where my fingers are pointed. Will share later!! (:

 Arrived home and set my self up for organizing success! Me and my printables. (:

 Macy cat offered her input as to items you should buy for your cat! She always knows best!

Snapped a cute candid moment of this fluff nugget!

Tried sweetgreen for the first time ever, and am hooked. This surprises me because I like to stick to an all chocolate diet.

Looking forward to what April has in store for us!

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  1. Nice monthly round-up...wish it was still warm in April like it was in March! Ug, snow!
    Happy Week-Ahead-



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