14 Hours in VEGAS!

10 June 2016

I mentioned in my May recap post that my friend had surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas as a graduation gift to celebrate the end of my undergrad career! I hadn't been there since I was a tyke and we both had intentions of visiting sometime during our adult life. The timing of the trip could not have been more perfect, and we lucked out with beautiful weather! We flew out of Boston at 6am stayed for 14 hours, and then took a red-eye back. I have never taken a quick trip like that before, but am now inclined to take more exactly like it!

I've enjoyed making fun, recap videos and posting them on my youtube channel, and am glad that I snapped some videos of our 14 hour experience to help document the trip! I've been finding that little videos of any adventures are more fun to look back on then pictures, so sit back and enjoy! 

Let me preface this post by letting you know that we barely made it on the plane in Boston. When you watch movies of people running through the airport trying to make their flight, that was us... in dresses. We were running a little behind and when we got in the long line for security, we wanted to cry. Thankfully, the angels that work at Boston Logan were MORE than accommodating, by calling the gate, bringing us to the front of the line, and ushering us through the security protocol. We then started sprinting like mad women to our gate, where we were the last to board and actually ended up scoring an entire row for ourselves in the back of the plane. I have so much love for Jet Blue! Our 6 hour flight over was filled with lots of candy eating, tv watching, and a little bit of sleeping.

We had a handful of things that we absolutely wanted to make sure we saw/did while there and then played the rest by ear. One of those being noshing at the infamous Giada Restaurant. Our food (Strawberry Polenta Waffle and Lemon Pesto Grilled Cheese) was amazing, and the view of the strip was even better. This was a great place to relax, refresh, and recharge after the plane ride. From there, we walked around a little, shopped, and had some tea at Sambalatte to wake us up!

Another attraction on our list that we wanted to visit was The Mob Museum. This fascinating museum gave us some insight into how the organized crime effected Las Vegas by displaying multiple stories, artifacts, and movies to help us better understand. The museum is pretty large and is very engaging for all age groups. It was interesting to learn more about this, especially after the release of Black Mass. 

We did pass through the "Fremont Street Experience" in search for a little cocktail bar, but that was it. This is where you will find grown men dressed as babies and nearly naked women. My favorite part of the day was seeing Cirque Du Soleil's Ka show. We ate at Wolfgang Puck's prior to the show, which is also located in MGM Grand. Ka was indescribably amazing. I literally cannot put into words how talented the acrobats were and the quality of music, lights, direction and stages that were used. Imagine the acrobats climbing vertical walls, swinging across the audience, and running on top of a huge hamster wheel and jump roping while it is also spinning... because that's what they did. I would go and see this over and over again if I could. It was worth every penny and then some.

By the time Ka finished, it was dark out, so we ubered our way over to the Bellagio to catch a fountain show. As expected, this was perfect as well. I think they do their fountain show ever 15 minutes at night which made it convenient to watch. We decided to try our hands at a few of the slots afterwards where we had no luck. Actually, I had no luck. I believe Kristina ended up breaking even and then some. By then it was time to make our way back to the airport where we sat at the gate with sleepy eyes waiting for our plane. The plane ride back didn't seem very long, as sleeping and eating helped to pass the time. I am so happy and glad that we were able to zip up for a couple hours to experience the infamous sin city. It was everything I imagined it to be and so much fun! 

...and guess what!? That's another thing that I can cross off my 30 by 30 list!

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