2015 in REVIEW

31 December 2015


365 days ago we welcomed 2015 with open arms and lots of snow! Boston was hit pretty hard which resulted in some days where we were able to completely run around the city streets due to no traffic. We took advantage of the snow and spoiled ourselves silly playing on all of the nearby mountains, one of which turned out to be a hike up Mount Washington's Tuckerman Ravine! Beautiful! 

(Disposing of the tree Grinch style)

 (A very quiet Hanover Street)

(Hanging out in Boston Common while it snows)

(Running around the streets of Boston)

(My walk to work on a good day)

(First time in years all of the "kids" were able to ski together)

(Snow day cookie baking)

 (Hiked up part of Mount Washington)

 (Dad and I traded in our lift tickets to hike Tuckerman's Ravine)

 (Spending time at my favorite place in the world, North Conway, N.H.)

 (Meanwhile in Maine...)

 (The OFFICIAL game book where we document all of our card playing scores!)

In the spring, my beloved macbook took a big crap! Thank goodness for brothers who are computer savvy! We also enjoyed a wonderful Easter service at Old North Church and a fun Sox game at Fenway Park. L and I traveled out to Ohio in May to celebrate my youngest sisters high school graduation and were also pleasantly surprised by the exciting engagement of my older sister! My parents ended up selling our beloved childhood farm in Ohio in May as well and moved out East.

 (Stepped out of the 21st century for a week when my lifeline crashed. I hate that I rely so much on this dang thing.)

(Beautiful Easter service at Old North!)

(Munching on crackerjacks and singing Sweet Caroline at a Sox game) 

(I realized that none of these pictures featured our beloved fur-child... so here she is, fluff and all!) 

 (Road trip to Ohio to celebrate N's graduation)

 (Surprise! S and N are engaged! She's actually really happy despite her weird expression!)

 (So long to our beloved childhood home in Ohio)

Summertime flew by so very, very quickly! I finally went out and explored the Harbor Islands and other summertime Boston shenanigans. In August, we went on L's family's yearly trip to sunny Myrtle Beach (I put together my first video for that trip here!). We also went out to my favorite place again, North Conway, and explored Diane's Bath for the first time... definitely a must see if you're ever in the area!

 (Harbor Island exploring!)

 (Our annual Myrtle Beach picture under the dock)

 (Warming up after a little jump into Diane's Bath)

I took the blade to my hair in the fall and chopped a lot of it off. I definitely think it's a cut I'm going to stick with! We fair hopped all over New Hampshire with my parents indulging in fair food and fun! We also checked out a mansion in New Hampshire that overlooks beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee! I crossed another thing off of my 30 x 30 list in October when we scored an incredible day to hike Mount Washington to the summit! I finally got my sticker! L and I spent Thanksgiving in Maine where we shaved his hair off in support of his little cousin who is courageously fighting lymphoma. I also opened an Etsy shop, kayliedesigns, where I design and sell printables! After a month of holiday fun and cheer, I celebrated Christmas in Maine with almost all of my siblings and parents, our new rescued pup and horses walking along the beach on that crazy warm day!

 (Chop, chop! Took off lots of inches!)

(Fair hopping with M and D) 

 (Looking over Lake Winnipesaukee)

 (Those beautiful Mount Washington views)

(Finally got my sticker for the car I don't own!)

(My most recent project, the fitness kit, can be found in my Etsy shop)

(Landon shaved all of his hair off in November to support #superparker)

(Christmas tree shopping for my parents)

(Playing on the beach in Maine on our 60 degree Christmas day!)


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  1. Such a great year! Totally jealous that your Christmas day was 60 degrees ;) Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for you guys!

  2. What a fun year! Really loving those first snow photos!


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