LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: ORGANIZE: Greeting Card Organization

ORGANIZE: Greeting Card Organization

09 November 2016

While sorting through our new IKEA hack of a cabinet the other day, I came across a couple organization solutions that I had put into place and felt as though their functionality was worth sharing with you. One of which is how we keep all of our greeting cards organized.

Prior to the system that we have now, I used to throw everything into this jazzy box and slapped a swanky label on it. It wasn't the worst system, however it wasn't as functional and efficient as it could be.

The container that I used for this project is made by IRIS and is actually a photo storage box that I purchased form the container store for around $14. Out of the two sizes that are available (4"x6" and 5"x7"), I used the one that was made to hold 5"x7" photographs. I have seen inserts for this same container at Michaels and on Amazon, however I have been unable to find the entire set. IRIS also makes a larger container that is made specifically to organize greeting cards. It comes with 6 or 7 plastic inserts that can divide the box into different card categories. I noticed though that the inserts didn't stay in very well, so if a certain section was overfilled it would push the insert out of place. I prefer this photo box method because it is more compact and each card category is separated by containers.

I'm also a fan of how easily these stack on top of one another. As you can imagine, I have a small supply of these which makes storing them a breeze.

I taped a chart to the interior of the lid that has our friends and families birthdays and anniversaries with the date and year of each event. This is helpful for when I'm writing a card and am trying to figure out how old they are turning or how many years of marriage they are celebrating!

There are six different compartments in this container. While I may have preferred a few more, six is just fine and works just as well. I labeled each section with clear label tape, adhered it to some fun washi tape and then put them in order of use. We tend to reach for blank cards and thank you cards the most, followed by birthday cards, congratulations cards, mother's and father's day cards and then sympathy and get well cards.

I originally wasn't going to include a mother's and father's day section, however I almost never have those on hand when I need them, so having a container for them serves as reminder to make sure I have them in stock for when those holidays creep up on me! The congratulations section works as a mixed bag for weddings, babies, graduations and anniversaries.  

I pick up most of my blank and thank you cards form Marshall's which means I usually have a collection to choose from. I typically just wrap a rubber band (or a hair tie in my case) around them or clip them together to keep the different cards separated.

I also always try to keep some more "manlier" cards on hand as well.

In the last container, which is also usually the most empty, I keep a book of stamps, a pen and extra clips. It's always nice to know that there are stamps in the house! I hate when I go to send a card and we don't have any.

So far this system has been working out extremely well for us. Whenever I need to write a card, all I have to do is refer to this container... all of the resources are right in front of me!

How do YOU organize your greeting cards!?

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