28 February 2017

I can't believe we're already at the end of February - this month went too fast! Let me fill you in on all the snow that was dumped on us this month which has already melted away to nothing :( It could snow everyday of the year, and I would still love it! 

We spent Super Bowl Sunday at Wildcat (where else?) zooming down the mountain and staring Mount Washington right in the face. On a clear day, it is the most gorgeous ski view in New England. Remember that cloud inversion from a couple years ago? Later that day we retreated back to our house and watched the Pats pull a Lombardi trophy out of their ass! They're incredible!

The chalet (or the "A" frame as my dad refers to it as) that we have been renting since June fits right in with all of the snow. The electric heat has been scary high (like $400+/month!?), but watching the snow fall through big cathedral ceilings and a crackling fireplace makes up for it a little. It's an awfully cute place, especially in the winter!

For a couple days (weeks?) there we were getting up extra early to make sure we were able to dig a path to the jeep, dig it out, and then shovel a 15' path from the jeep to the road so that we could get into town for work on time. Thankfully our commute isn't that far!

At one point the snow had piled up so high on our deck that we could barely open our front door to get out. Thank goodness for sliders! I can't imagine living in a world without snow.

All the snowy weather had me in the mood for soup, soup and more soup, so I put together this easier than pie vegetarian taco soup (chili?) to nosh on for almost two weeks straight. It's always #tacotuesday in our world.

Don't forget about your taxes! I'm always looking for something to organize so I put my efforts towards corralling years and years of tax paperwork to make filing this year and future years much more efficient for us.

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