LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: View Through My Lens: January

View Through My Lens: January

31 January 2017

Welcome to the end of January! Similar to how the start of last year went, I traveled over New Years and naturally, we received 12+ inches of snow the night before my departure! Nothing beats waking up at 4am to shovel yourself out. I wouldn't have it any other way, I do love the snow. Shockingly, my flight was not delayed!

I think this sweater deserves an honorable mention here. My mother made this warm, toasty sweater with her two hands. How that's even possible, I do not know... it is the warmest article of clothing that I currently own!

We spent a couple minutes goofing around on the lake a couple weeks ago doing stupid things like kicking ice blocks around, running and sliding to see how far we'd go and pretending to swim... I think it's time we invest in some skates.

We reenacted our engagement (10 months later) on ice, this time with a chunk of ice and an audience! That backdrop though!

We can be found on a nearby mountain almost every weekend, as January marks the beginning of ski season in my mind. We've been sticking to Wildcat and Attitash, and spent a Saturday up at Okemo earlier this month. I talk about Wildcat all the time on here, and for good reason. We have had so many wonderful ski experiences there, you can get to the summit on one lift, you can get a lot out of one run, and you're off the beaten path where it's not very touristy... it can be a little challenging though, so be careful. For example, a couple weekends ago we took the run that goes underneath the high speed quad, and as luck would have it, it was a giant sheet of ice. I took a hollywood worthy slip, tumble and slide down a good chunk of the trail on my back, head first. I was headed straight for the trees, but my skis thankfully got stuck on a giant rock and log. It provided some wonderful entertainment for the skiiers on the lift. Thank goodness for a helmet and goggles to shield your embarrassed face from onlookers.

It keeps snowing here which makes me SO happy! I wish our house was a little warmer though. The $400+ electric bill every month for a chilly house is traumatizing. We invested in some Dyson heaters to spot heat certain rooms to hopefully alleviate the bill a little. No such luck though. We'll figure something out... hopefully!

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