31 July 2016

I started posting these "view through my lens post" to help recap each month through my iPhone shots to keep random snapshots saved and easy to find. They are, by far, my favorite posts to write and look back on, as I am able to relive each and every memory from the month.

I started my new job on July 1st! After years of having a very flexible schedule and flexible income, I am now on a set schedule with a set income and I like it a lot! I feel as though I am being paid to learn which is the most rewarding part. 

We found this cat sized pool table in our house and Macy couldn't be any happier! Look at that face of excitement!

Moving out of Boston has been a little bit of a process, especially since we opted out of hiring a moving company. We figured that since we had a month of overlap we could make weekend trips up to slowly move everything over. My favorite part was camping in our bedroom! (:

I am truly so very sad to be leaving this place, it was such an amazing place to live!

I found this moose sleeper and put it on the cat. She hated it, I loved it.

Lake Winnipesaukee in all its glory from Mount Major.

We scored BIG TIME in the wild blueberry department! Bring on the pound cake!

...and then we found this on the hike down... #blairwitchproject?

I've been getting so lucky in the fresh produce department at the office, delicious! I love that people bring their veggies in for everyone! I can barely grow a flower.

L's been working hard at clearing some trees in the backyard. Rumor has it that in the wintertime, we might be able to see a mountain skyline from our loft!

I haven't been horseback riding in centuries! Mamacita and I took them out to a little pond where the Pony went crazy and my ride tried to roll me in the water. #greatsuccess

...but we rode through this adorable Christmas tree farm. I need to live on a Christmas tree farm!

L has set a test date for his series 65 do it has been nothing but studying around here. Even the cat is over it.

I see a fried chicken.

Fiddle leaf fig fail. Remember when I got it?

 Looking forward to what August has in store for us!

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